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Kendall Jenner celebrated Devin Booker's Olympic gold medal win with a sweet IG Story.

Kendall's BF Just Won A Gold Medal At The Olympics, So She Celebrated Him On IG

She’s officially dating an Olympic champion.

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Kendall Jenner is celebrating her boo, who is officially an Olympic champion. The model, who first began dating basketball star Devin Booker in June 2020, got to watch her partner compete in the 2021 Summer Olympics and officially score a gold medal in the Men's Basketball tournament on Friday, Aug. 6. ICYMI, Kendall Jenner celebrated Devin Booker’s Olympic gold medal win with the sweetest Instagram Story.

Jenner’s celebration for her boyfriend was pretty casual. The star took to Instagram to share a pic of her TV screen, which showed Booker (who plays for the Phoenix Suns) on the basketball court in his jersey after the game between the U.S. team and Team France. On top of the pic, she placed a single gold medal emoji to show her pride. The official score was 87 to 82, and Booker scored two of the team’s points.

Kendall has been supporting Booker a ton leading up to the Olympics, including at the NBA Finals, which were held on July 17 in Phoenix, Arizona. Although she couldn’t be present at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, she was there in the crowd to cheer him on at the finals. An eyewitness at the finals reportedly told E! News that the model was “really engaged” at the event. “She would stand up and cheer every time Devin scored. It was so cute! She held her hands on her head at the end of the first quarter,” the source reportedly added.

Jenner opted to watch Booker’s Olympics games from home, though, given that a trip to Japan is much different than a quick flight to Arizona. Plus, this year’s Olympic games have been highly scrutinized due to the current state of emergency in Tokyo, the recent increase in cases, and Japan’s low vaccination rates.

The couple has been dating for over a year, and a source close to the couple reportedly told E! News in April 2021 that Kendall is the happiest ever. “This is the happiest Kendall has been in a relationship. It's getting more and more serious, and she is very happy,” the source allegedly said.

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Before February 2021, the pair hadn’t publicly confirmed their relationship, instead opting to keep it on the DL. It wasn’t surprising for Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans, however, since Jenner has always been pretty private about her love life. But on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2021, Booker shared an Instagram video of Jenner playing with his dog. He also tagged her in the Story and shared a video of them taking a nap together.

On the other hand, Jenner shared an IG photo of her and Booker cuddling, though she was hiding Booker’s face. Nonetheless, they didn’t officially announce they were an item at the time, but one could safely assume they were now Instagram official.

The model did share some sweet pics on her IG Stories for their one-year anniversary, which included a mix of cuddling on a private jet and chilling together on a kitchen counter with Booker’s dog.

Although Booker and Jenner keep things as private as possible, it’s sweet to see the model celebrating her now-official Olympic gold-winning BF.