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Did Katie Give Blake A "Heads Up" About Dating John? She Explained...

What would you have done in her shoes?

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Back in November, The Bachelorette’s Katie Thurston trolled her exes with a hilarious series of Instagram stories that she coined the “12 Days of Messy.” In it, she threw some serious shade at familiar faces from Bachelorette history, including her now-ex fiancé Blake Moynes. But on Friday, Dec. 17, Thurston and her new boyfriend, fellow Bachelorette alum John Hersey, shared a video to Instagram called “12 Days of Oops,” which Thurston captioned: “Do I have regrets? Yes.”

And that, my friends, is the cue for some scalding hot tea.

The new video clip featured Thurston and Hersey addressing the fervor over their new relationship, which they made Instagram official in November via “12 Days of Messy,” just a month after she broke off her engagement with Moynes.

"I'm gonna set the record straight on this — kind of," Thurston said in the beginning of the “12 Days of Oops” video. "John's role [in ‘12 Days of Messy’] I think grew, the closer we got to the last day. Initially, it was gonna be very, like, lighthearted. It was like, 'Oh, we'll just share a picture. It'll just be a picture from the show.'"

But, as Thurston explained, she ultimately wanted to make a bigger statement with her announcement of their relationship.

"I wanted to really show that to me, John is my world. John is handsome. John is romantic. John is everything and I wanted to make a really big, grand gesture to show that," she said.

"Was there a lot of hate that came with that? Yeah… it's a hard thing to navigate." She continued, "People are always like, 'Well, you should've told Blake…' We talked about giving Blake a heads up. But here's the thing that people forget: We're just normal people trying to live normal lives. And when have you ever had to tell an ex that you're seeing someone new?"

What made Thurston’s “12 Days of Messy” even better (and more topical — I stan a relevant queen) was that she labeled each of her exes with a song from what was, at the time, Taylor Swift’s just-released album, Red (Taylor’s Version). Moynes got paired with “We Are Never Getting Back Together” (ouch), whereas Thurston’s new boyfriend, Hersey, was paired with “Begin Again.”

The timeline of Thurston and Hersey’s relationship has raised some skepticism among Bachelorette fans and Moynes himself, who spoke about the situation on an episode of the Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation podcast in late November.

"I know they spent a lot of time together and stuff, but there's just no way, I didn't have an inkling," Moynes said. "I'm a very secure guy, a confident guy, and I give my trust out 100 percent, especially to the person I should be trusting the most."

He added, "I really don't think there was any physical cheating there, but there's clearly emotional for it to transition as quickly as it did." Days later, Hersey denied the infidelity rumors. It seems like these two just don’t see eye to eye.