The Bachelorette
Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes opened up about their sex life.

Katie And Blake Revealed How Many Times They’ve Had Sex And Uh, Wow

“I hope that vibrator’s in the trash!”


To celebrate their engagement on Monday, Aug. 9, Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes — Bachelor Nation’s newest pair of fiancés — made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the banter got pretty steamy pretty fast. Comedian David Spade stood in as a guest host and challenged the two of them to a round of “The Newly Engaged Game,” which was designed to test each person’s knowledge of their soon-to-be life partners — and immediately reveal some dirty details about how many times Thurston and Moynes have had sex over the course of their relationship.

Before they got on the topic of “whoopie” (Spade’s sexual euphemism of choice) the chemistry was crackling between Bachelorette stars Thurston and Moynes as they answered questions about each other’s deepest fears (Thurston’s not a fan of spiders) and favorite foods (Moynes likes pickles, but not enough to make them a favorite, to which I say, “you’re wrong, sir”).

But when Spade asked for an estimated number of times the two of them have had sex since the start of their “short-ish” relationship, Moynes guessed an even, modest 30 — while Thurston aimed higher, guessing the two of them had been intimate a whopping 43 times.

Spade was in shock. “No chance! Katie Louise!” he exclaimed. “I hope that vibrator’s in the trash.”

Thurston quipped back, “You’re just jealous!” to which Spade responded, laughing, “I am jealous. That’s my last five years.”

After a hefty dose of drama surrounding old loves and fresh heartbreaks — fueled in particular by former frontrunner Greg Grippo, whose decision to leave the show sent Thurston reeling — Thurston and Moynes got engaged during the season finale of the Bachelorette, which aired on Monday as well. To pop the question, Moynes presented Thurston with a glittering three-carat oval-shaped sparkler ring set within a crown motif and a hidden halo of 90 smaller diamonds. Bachelor Nation’s go-to jeweler Neil Lane described the ring to People as “romantic and elegant” and “very unique.”

Since the airing of their engagement, the couple has shared that they are continuing to fall deeper in love. And while 30 or 43 times in the months since they met may seem like an awful lot to some, I say more power to them. FYI for Spade: vibrators never belong in the trash, no matter how... virile... your partner may be. Keep that vibrator right where it is, Thurston.