Neil Lane Reveals How He Helps 'Bachelor' Stars Choose The Perfect Ring

If there were an award for the most underrated star of Bachelor Nation, it would definitely go to jeweler Neil Lane. Every season, Lane meets with the final few contestants as they prepare to propose, and he helps them choose a ring to go along with that special moment. For some (namely the Bachelorette runner-ups), they’ll leave with their hearts broken and never get to use the ring they chose. But for others, the ring becomes the symbol of their love story on the show. Neil Lane's quotes about Bachelor engagement rings reveal just how closely he’s involved with the selection process.

Lane spoke with Elite Daily at the KAY Jewelers and Neil Lane pop-up event in NYC on Oct. 3, which celebrated his new book, Style Your Wedding With Neil Lane. “I bring six rings to every show,” he explained — a number that inspired the six wedding styles in the book: romantic, rustic, elegant, lavish, modern, and vintage. “So we go and say, ‘What don’t you like for sure?’ And we eliminate two [rings] right away,” Lane says of the Bachelor filming process. “And then we go down the line and talk about her personality.”

Lane explains that although viewers only see him on screen for five minutes or less, the actual process of choosing a ring can take much longer. “I have hours of filming to get at the dramatic moment where we finally settle,” he reveals. He’ll talk with the contestant about specific elements of each ring style. “He might think, ‘Oh, she’s really elegant, she loves that 1920s look'," Lane says. “Or he might go [with] something more romantic, with a pear shape.” It can be a confusing choice, especially when the person isn’t sure what their partner would like. “I have to coach them,” Lane explains. “A ring is a huge deal. It’s a serious thing, and their hearts are on their sleeves when I’m working with them.”

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

As viewers have seen, the last few days before a Bachelor proposal can be tense. If it’s the lead who is picking out rings, he may not be certain who he’s choosing yet. And if it’s a contestant hoping to propose to The Bachelorette or a fellow Bachelor in Paradise star, they can never be prepared for how the moment will play out. “It’s heartbreaking when he’s the one that’s not chosen,” Lane tells Elite Daily. “And it’s joyous for the one who is chosen, it’s a magical time.”

While they can’t predict the outcome, the contestants do have control over one thing — the ring they select. And Lane’s designs range from classic and romantic (like Hannah Brown’s oval-cut stone) to totally luxe (like Demi Burnett’s huge square-cut diamond). Lane explains that when he worked with the newly engaged BiP couples, he thought about each of their relationships. "With Kristian and Demi, we went with two rings with distinctly different styles but similarly shaped stones to celebrate their personalities and unique love story," Lane notes. "The ring Dylan chose for Hannah highlights their classic style — it’s more traditional but has a hint of glamour, much like Hannah herself. Katie and Chris’ passion is undeniable, so for this couple, a brilliant cut diamond was chosen to represent their dazzling love for one another.”

Lane believes that each ring should reflect the personality of the person who wears it. It’s a huge decision to make — and he’s happy to walk Bachelor stars through the process. “It’s a lifetime that goes with the ring,” Lane explains. And though viewers only see a tiny snippet of time with Lane on the show, he actually plays a crucial role in making the magic happen.