Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been on the rocks lately as he struggles with her new relationshi...

Kanye Accused Kim Of "Playing Games" And Leaking Stories About Him

He also revealed how he really felt about Kim and Pete's 'SNL' kiss.

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In a video interview for Hollywood Unlocked on Monday, Jan. 24, Kanye “Ye” West addressed his relationship with ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her family — and he talked at length about how he’s done oversharing the details of their increasingly complicated situation. Comparing himself and Kim to Will and Jada Smith – a married couple who openly discusses their marital struggles on Jada’s online talk show, Red Table Talk — Ye told interviewer Jason Lee that he and Kim are “not going for a ‘Will and Jada’ because everybody got problems on both sides.” But, as soon as he said it, he launched into a detailed reflection on the “little nuances” of how Kim has reportedly been “playing games” with him since their divorce in 2021.

“How are you going to bring me to SNL, and then kiss the dude you’re dating right in front of me and everybody’s like, ‘Oh, that’s cool,'” Ye said, invoking Kim’s October 2021 episode of Saturday Night Live, which she hosted in the midst of their divorce. (She filed for divorce in February 2021; the exes have yet to reach a settlement.) In one of the sketches, Kim kissed now-boyfriend Pete Davidson weeks before she and Pete made their relationship public in November.

Page Six previously reported that Ye had spent time in New York City during the week leading up to the show, secretly helping Kim prepare for her hosting gig because she was nervous.

But, according to a source in the SNL audience, Page Six also reported that “Ye had already left the building when Kardashian and Davidson locked lips for the skit,” pointing out that the reality star and the comedian weren’t yet dating at the time.

Ye also accused the Kardashian family of meddling in his affairs by leaking stories about his love life and “blocking deals,” though he wouldn’t specify which deals they had allegedly blocked.

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While Ye is clearly not a fan of this reported behavior, he said Kim can do whatever she wants to him and his reputation — but when it comes to their kids, he won’t stand for any funny business.

“They can go on SNL and make jokes, make jokes in the media. They can plant stories about whoever I’m dating. They can block deals… but I’m [going to] tell you straight up, don’t play with my kids,” he told the interviewer.

He continued, “Whoever y’all work for — whoever y’all think the family is working for — I’m telling you right now, don’t play with my children… It’s going to be all legal, baby.”

Ye recently found himself at the center of a different romantic controversy after multiple media outlets theorized his relationship with Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox is nothing more than a real-life “gold-digger” scenario. (Some took the theories further, claiming the relationship is part of a publicity stunt to distract from Ye’s connection to the 2020 election.)

In the midst of all that, Ye recently accused Kim on social media of leaving him off the invite list for one of their kids’ birthday parties. But, according to a source who spoke with Page Six, “[Kim] has never gotten in the way of allowing him to see his kids and makes every effort to give him full access to them.”

But anyway, back to Ye not oversharing…