Justin Timberlake had an angry reaction to a question about Britney Spears' pregnancy.

JT Did Not Hold Back After Being Asked About Britney’s Pregnancy



Applause (and maybe some stomping?) is in order. Britney Spears is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sam Asghari. The “Baby One More Time” singer — sorry, had to! — made the exciting pregnancy announcement on Instagram on April 11. By April 12, Asghari had confirmed his new status as father-to-be. Although there’s still a lot we do not know (and Spears’ post was a bit cryptic and confusing), it certainly sounds like the couple is excited about becoming parents together. (Spears already has two children, Sean Preston and Jayden James, whom she shares with ex Kevin Federline.) However, it doesn’t sound like everyone is thrilled for the couple — at the very least, they’re not thrilled about being questioned about it. Justin Timberlake’s reaction to a question about Spears’ pregnancy seemed pretty angry.

The video, posted on April 12 by Gossip Bae, shows Timberlake in a not-so-great mood. In the clip, a paparazzi approached the topic of Spears’ pregnancy with the singer. “Hey, what’s up, Justin? How you doing?” the reporter asked, before getting to the real conversation. “Britney Spears just announced that she’s pregnant with her third baby.”

Immediately, JT’s demeanor changed, and he put an arm up to wave the videographer away. “Stop! Go away,” Timberlake responded while his friend laughed. TBH, I get his annoyance. Why would Timberlake want to comment on his ex’s pregnancy — especially considering they split up 20 years ago?

picture alliance/picture alliance/Getty Images

That said, his behavior was definitely a little angry, and things only got stranger. After asking the paparazzi to leave, Timberlake and his friend entered a building. After walking up the marble stairs, however, JT stopped and started stomping. In the clip, it sounds like he said, “You got me stomping my feet.” The marble staircase didn’t help; it only made his steps sound more echo-y and dramatic.

Though it’s still unclear how Timberlake actually feels about Spears’ pregnancy, it’s all too obvious how he feels about being asked about it. Consider this lesson learned: Timberlake does not want to talk about Spears’ and Asghari’s future baby — period.