Who is Madelyn Cline dating now? There are so many rumors.

Madelyn Cline Might Be Dating Someone Who Is *Not* Chase Stokes



Sooo there might be a new romance in the cards for Madelyn Cline! The Outer Banks actress was photographed with Zack Bia, a 25-year-old influencer and DJ, after having dinner together on Dec. 19. Yet earlier this month, rumors surfaced that Cline might be getting back together with her ex and OBX co-star, Chase Stokes. And last month, she was reportedly still happy to enjoy her “single girl moment.” So who is Cline actually dating now, if anyone? TBH, it’s hard to tell.

On Nov. 1, Cline and Stokes confirmed their split after one year together. But Stokes’ Dec. 2 comments on his ex led fans to question whether or not their relationship status had changed. During a gala advocating for mental health awareness among teens, Stokes told Us Weekly, “[Cline is] one of my favorite people on planet Earth. You know, it’s super awesome to work with somebody that you care about that much, and yeah, I’ll leave it at that.” OK, so it’s not completely unheard of to have a friendly relationship with your ex. Still, glowing comments like that are usually reserved for people you’re actually dating.

Stokes didn’t do anything to stop the speculation, either. When the outlet asked about their current relationship status, Stokes replied, “No comment.” That’s not a no...

Kevin Winter/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But before the Sarah Cameron and John B. fans start celebrating, it looks like Cline is spending time with other suitors, too. (As she should!) On Dec. 19, Cline and Bia had dinner together at Giorgio Baldi, a popular restaurant in Santa Monica, California, only a few days before Cline’s 24th birthday. The two also follow each other on Instagram. (Bia also follows a fan account for Cline, too, cause why not?)

Dating rumors about Cline and Ross Butler also surfaced in Sept. 2021 when they were spotted dancing together. Though Butler claimed they were “just friends” to TMZ in October, his comment on Cline’s Nov. 3 Instagram led people to question just how truthful he was being. He commented very telling emojis: “🥵🤤.”

Whoever Cline is (or isn’t dating), here’s hoping that she’s enjoying her birthday week to its fullest!