This couple stays close by regularly texting each other, "How was your day?"
12 Cute Ways To Ask Your Significant Other “How’s Your Day?”

We can all do better than “wyd.”

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There’s nothing better than getting a sweet text from your partner in the middle of the day. From swapping memes to penning love letters, texting with your SO can be the next best thing to hanging out with them IRL. And if you're looking for some cute "how’s your day?" texts to send your partner and get the flirty conversations going, you've come to the right place.

No matter how long you've been with your SO, checking in with them throughout the day can be a sweet gesture to show you care. According to Anita Chlipala, licensed marriage and family therapist and author of First Comes Us: The Busy Couple's Guide to Lasting Love, regular check-ins with your partner play a huge role in strengthening a couple’s relationship. ”Knowing that you can depend on your partner is essential for attachment and trust,” she previously told Elite Daily. “It’s not realistic to meet your partner’s needs all of the time, but strive to try to meet them somewhat consistently.”

But how can you meet these needs via text? A “how is your day going?” message can usually do the trick. Of course, if you already talk to your partner every day, you may be looking for a creative way to shake up their inbox. The good thing is that it’s super easy to personalize these messages for your SO’s needs. Maybe you ask about that big meeting they were nervous about or offer to make dinner for the both of you tonight. No matter what text you send, the message you’re really getting across is “I’m here for you.”

Dr. Gary Brown, a prominent couples therapist in Los Angeles, explained to Elite Daily, “Ask your partner every day, ‘Is there something I can do to make your day a little better?’ Just asking this question demonstrates to your loved one that you care about them, their needs, and their well-being.”

In fact, that’s a good rule to apply to any and every “how was your day?” message: Does the text show that you genuinely care about them, their needs, and their well-being? If not, I’d take a beat before hitting send. And, if you're stuck, still looking for some creative ways to check in with your SO during the day, try sending these 12 texts.


"Did you read your horoscope today? I did. 🔮🌙”

Today my Co-Star app said, "The whole world is an untamed horse, and you're tugging at the mane." (I kid you not.)

Though I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean, I'm crystal clear that horoscopes are in, baby. If you're looking for a celestial way to check in with your partner, ask them about their horoscope for the day.


"Read this and thought of you! Hope you're having a good day!"

Sending your partner a link to something that made you think of them is a sweet way to say, "I think about you a lot when you're not around" without literally saying, "I think about you a lot when you're not around." (TBH, that can be cute, too.)

If a headline catches your eye or a band they love puts out a new album, send it their way.


"A squirrel just stole my sandwich. Hope your day is going better than mine."

Maybe the roof in your office or classroom caved in, and your whole day was in shambles. Perhaps you tripped getting off the subway and spilled an entire green juice on your white linen top. If something frustrating, frazzling, or otherwise upsetting happened to you, share it with your SO and wish them a better day than you're having.

It’s a cute and funny way to check in with your partner, and it offers them a chance to check in with you. (Plus, if you’re going to be in a bad mood later, this will give them a fair warning.)


"Can you believe this was a year ago today? You're the best, and I hope you're having the best day.”

If you and your partner were together last year, sending a sweet picture from exactly 365 days ago can be a sentimental way to see how their day is going. Of course, no matter how long you've been with your SO, everyone loves a throwback pic. Whether you had a totally different haircut or you were living in a different city (or both!), it'll be a little present from the past.


"OK, I'm in a meeting, but I cannot stop laughing about that *insert funny thing.* Hope something makes you smile today."

IMO, one of the best parts of any relationship is the inside jokes. It might be easier to convey these in person (and it usually just takes a single look from your partner), but it’s still possible to laugh about over text.

Were you at the end of a yoga class when you suddenly remembered that TikTok you and your SO watched over and over again the night before? Did your boss or professor make a joke that totally reminded you of that ridiculous dance your partner did three nights ago? If something about your day makes you think of your partner and laugh, let them know.


"Just wanted to say thank you for the *insert nice thing they did recently* and I hope you have an amazing day."


There's no way around it: Gratitude is hot. Whether your partner made your breakfast this morning or gave you a great massage last night, reminding them how grateful you are to be with them is a super sweet way to check in during the day. Plus, if you know they're having a bad day (or even if they’re not), you can offer to return the favor.


"You will not believe what just happened, cannot wait to tell you about it in person and hear all about your day.”

Though texting can be a great way to check in during the day, it can also be a great way to make some in-person plans for later. If you're super busy at school or work, establishing that you want to talk IRL about something later is a caring but concise check-in. Whether you and your partner aren't big texters or you just prefer to chat in person, sending a text about meeting up later is a great way to say, "I'm thinking about you, but I can't be on my phone right now."


"I want to know how you are, but I really want to know what you ended up wearing. Send an outfit pic when you get a chance!"

If you and your partner live together or you already share a bunch of clothes, you may already know what they wore to school or work. Still, if you knew they were nervous about a big meeting or presentation or you both love to talk about clothes, asking for an outfit pic is a super sweet way to check in during the day. Plus, a “what are you wearing text?” always has the potential to go in a sexier direction if you’re both game.


"Is *insert person* still *insert annoying thing*? Yikes."

As comedic icon Ali Wong will tell you, one of the best parts of having a partner can be getting to gossip with them. Maybe your partner always vents to you about their friend, who makes unsolicited comments about how much coffee they drink. Or perhaps you know their roommate always uses all the hot water. Remembering something specific about the people your SO sees every day can be a light-hearted and supportive way to check in during the day.


“Our song just came on! Wish we could dance together rn.”

The days of burning a CD for your partner might be over, but there’s still something special about showing your love through music. Whether it’s a new song you just discovered or one that you guys have listened to together, sending it their way can show that you’re thinking of them throughout the day and want to share that moment with them.


“Have you listened to this podcast yet? We need to discuss!”

When you and your partner are busy at work or school, it can be hard to find some common ground for a convo — especially if your day-to-day lives look vastly different. Finding a shared daily hobby, even if it’s just regularly tuning into a 15-minute podcast, can help you stay connected. Listening to a podcast together (even if you’re technically apart) can fuel a back-and-forth conversation throughout the day.


“Just had a seriously subpar lunch. Dinner date tonight? Would love to hear about your day over some good food.”

Checking in with your partner over text doesn’t mean the conversation needs to happen exclusively over text. Setting a date to talk about your day later is just as effective, and it lets them know that you’re thinking about them and are excited to see them IRL. Plus, a dinner date has way more potential for romance than an iMessage.

Sending your partner a thoughtful text during the day can be a sweet way to let them know that they’re on your mind. Whether you decide to send them a throwback picture or ask them for an update on the latest work gossip, personalized texts to your SO show that you care. No matter which route you take, a “how was your day?” text from you can brighten your partner’s day.


Anita Chlipala, licensed marriage and family therapist and author of First Comes Us: The Busy Couple's Guide to Lasting Love

Dr. Gary Brown, couples therapist

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