How To Get Over A Breakup, As Told By Calvin Harris


Calvin Harris broke up with Taylor Swift. We know this. What we DIDN'T see coming was Taylor jumping into the arms of another man so soon and Calvin's super salty reaction to all of it.

Calvin is reportedly very pissed that Miz Swift moved on as quickly as she did -- and the post-breakup drama happening on all of his social media accounts right now reflects ALL of this passive-aggressiveness.

Guys, I feel for Calvin. I really do. Breakups are never easy and if you're as high-profile as these two ex-lovebirds right here, it's going to be MESSY AF.

If you've ever been wronged by an ex, you must follow the five steps Calvin is so indiscreetly taking to get over Taylor. I know he'll be just fine. Let's take some tips from him, shall we?

1. Delete any and all traces of your ex from your Instagram account.

Calvin's Instagram is no longer a slew of vacation pics with Taylor mixed in with photos from his concerts. Those famous vacation pics? THEY'RE GONE FOREVER BUT LET'S MOURN OVER THEM TOGETHER WHILE WE STILL CAN.

Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris


Calvin Harris

Now, Calvin's Insta is filled with just cool concert photos. Which is sexy, if you ask me. Gotta love a passionate workhorse of a man. MMPH.

Calvin Harris

2. Post steamy pics of the tall, dark and beautiful famous girl you once collaborated with.

Like this one:


If you didn't get to work with Rihanna, any other hot and famous girl here will do. (Riri > Taylor in my book, so GO CALVIN. Taylor must be SHAKING IN HER BOOTS right now).

3. Tweet super ominous things, then delete them, because you're *mysterious.*

Calvin had posted this tweet on June 15th, but now it's gone:

Calvin Harris

IDK what he meant by this but he definitely got the point across that HE AIN'T HAVING IT.

4. Block everyone who loves your ex on social media.

LMAO. This is some next-level shit. Blocking strangers from your account who enjoy listening to your celebrity ex's music is kind of like unfriending YOUR ex's friends on Facebook, only slightly more offensive.

These fans, though...

If you ask me, this move is a tad melodramatic, but whatever makes you feel better, Calvin...

5. Post work-related photos only, because you're on that SELF-LOVE GRIND.

Calvin Harris

You do you, Calvin.