How To Ask Someone Out On Bumble When You’re Finally Ready To Meet IRL

by Annie Foskett

Here's the thing about making the first move: When you've done it once, it's easy to do it a second time. As a lady on Bumble, you have to make the first move by messaging the cutie you connected with first, so you've already done the hardest part by the time you decide to figure out how to ask someone out on Bumble and make plans to meet face-to-face.

Also, it's 2017, and if you want to meet someone in person instead of carrying on a weirdly long internet conversation about your favorite bars on an app, meet up in person already. Part of the fun of dating is asking each other questions when you can actually see what the other person's eyeballs look like (and their typically amplified height IRL). I promise your palms won't get sweaty, nor will your knees get weak or arms get heavy, because you are not asking someone out in person — you're just doing it via a short and sweet message.

Looking for a little Zen And The Art of Bumble? Here's how to ask someone out on Bumble, after that canny little pick-up line you opened up with.

Ambush Them With Your Phone Number

OK, so this doesn't totally count as asking someone out. Also, sharing unsolicited digits is more of an offer that says "let's do this" rather than "full-scale ambush." If you are a busy lady with no time to waste, after your opening line and a few "Is that your dog/niece/baby?" exchanges, just slide that phone number into your match's Bumble DMs. You can say something super simple like: "If you'd like to meet up sometime, here's my number."

This is actually great for the faint of heart. Your match either texts you or they don't in a zero stakes game. If you are feeling bolder, ask for your match's number. Then you get to decide when to text and ask them what night works for them. In no time, you'll have a date and an excuse to get your eyebrows done. Go girl.

Ask Them To Go To A Specific Place

So you opened with a sparkling line like "Pizza or tacos?" and your match agreed that tacos are number one because they are not a socio (just kidding, this is a very divisive question). Still, you start talking about your favorite tacos (or pizza), and eventually one of you trails off and you never meet up in life, and now you just know a stranger's preference for tacos over pizza, right?

No way, you don't have time for that. This is the perfect segue into asking a match on Bumble out: Pick the specific taco spot they mentioned and ask them if Wednesday or Thursday works to go check it out. (Not before confirming that said taco place also has bomb margaritas.) A guy recently asked me out on an app in very specific terms and because I have manners, I replied right away and we ended up having a great date. And a second one. Specifics are key.

Or, Ask Them If They Are Free On A Specific Date

This is essentially the same as asking a match out on a very specific date, only it puts less of the onus on you to make the actual plans. If you're feeling a little more tepid about asking your match out, ask them if they are around Thursday night or tell them a particular night that you are free. (Or a particular day, if you are one of the brave ones who can handle a first date before noon.)

If you can establish an evening you both are free, you can commit to it and make plans from there without feeling like you're investing too much in a veritable stranger.

Forget Playing It Cool, And Just Do It

The best kind of date that a match on a dating app could ask me out on would be one with a specific time and place that demonstrated some thoughtfulness. If he asked me out in a straightforward, confident way, I would be that much more excited for our date. Gender norms are on their way out, so if you really want to ask out a Bumble match, just do it. Pick an awesome bar, maybe even one near their 'hood, and ask them if they would like to meet you there Thursday night at 8 p.m. If they say no, good riddance.

This will be super empowering for you, attractive to them, and will probably make you feel like Wonder Woman.

There's too much stress and anxiety in the news, so distract yourself with a fun date this week by asking someone out on Bumble. Your dad probably had to ask your mom out by calling up her house, talking to her parents, and then asking her to the movies. You just have to type a few characters into a hand-computer. Do the thing.