Guys Reveal Why They're Terrified Of Having Kids And You Might Agree With Them

For some, the next step post-marriage is starting to think about having kids.

While it might be something you considered in the past, when it's time to get serious about having a baby, you might start to feel anything but ready.

Whether it's something small, like the fear of changing diapers, or something big, like wondering how much having kids will change up your relationship, the anxiety that can hit when you're in baby-making mode can overwhelm you to no end.

Read on to find out what these eight guys are most terrified about when it comes to having kids:

1. No more sex

'Don't hurt a good thing' is my motto. My wife and I have a decently good sex life, but I know we will say goodbye to that life when we have kids. So my biggest fear is that kids equals no sex, and I'm not down with that lifestyle for the rest of my life.

— Robby V., 30

2. Lame vacations

Why would I want to trade taking my wife to Cancun and Thailand for a week to go to Disney or Lego Land? I'm not looking forward to having kids because then our vacations wouldn't be romantic or filled with a ton of day drinking.

— Troy G., 31

3. No sleep

Kids happen, and sleep stops happening. I'm trying to make partner at my firm, and I'm putting off getting married and having kids because I don't want to interrupt my career goals with lack of sleep and worries about other human beings.

— Seth C., 33

4. Being forgotten about

My wife and I haven't had kids yet, and we've been married for three years. What is stopping me from being thrilled about having kids is that I don't want to be number two. I like being my wife's priority. I don't want to be forgotten about when kids show up and take up all her time and energy.

— Erik Z., 31

5. Figuring out how to handle them

Like, if I had a kid, how would I even know what to do with them? That is my fear: They arrive, and then, I have no idea how to handle them. Nobody teaches you this stuff, but they honestly should.

— Lance F., 25

6. Being stuck in this forever

Marriage is scary enough. I'm not even married yet, and I have panic attacks over the idea of being with one person forever. Then, when kids come into the picture, I feel like it's one more reason to be stuck in a marriage forever. It feels suffocating.

— David Y., 27

7. Money down the drain

My friends who are married with kids tell me how expensive kids are. Diapers alone cost a fortune. I'm ultra conservative with my money. I don't like spending it, so I feel like, when I have kids, I'll go broke just buying them things they need to survive. And that will stress me out to the max.

— Andrew P., 24

8. Being a bad dad

I didn't have such a good dad growing up. He was never around, and when he and my mom got divorced when I was 8, I only saw him once a year. My biggest fear is being like my dad. I want to be a really awesome father, but maybe I don't know how to be.

— Nick Q., 28