Top Baby Names Of 2016 Proves People Are Naming Babies After 'Stranger Things'

by Hope Schreiber

I'm not sure where babies come from, and science may never fully explain why storks choose to drop them off in people's chimneys.

(Yes, I did miss a few classes of Sex Education, why do you ask?)

One thing is for certain though: If you have a baby you gotta name it.

You can't just call it "baby" because then what would happen when it gets older? Do you call it "baby" its whole life or do you go to "toddler" then "child" then "tween?"

It just isn't efficient.

BabyCenter has released this year's most popular names and surprise: Binge-watching played a huge role...

Namely, binge-watching "Stranger Things."

The popularity of Dustin is up by 32 percent, and I totally get it -- this kid is a delight.

I'm not sure why you'd name your kid after this pterodactyl though? Mike is up by 28 percent.

And this hole in the wall is how your body will look after labor. Joyce is up by 23 percent.

"The Walking Dead" also helped influence name choices. Tyreese is up 48 percent, Hershel 37 percent and Carol 18 percent. Personally, I wouldn't name children after characters who have to deal with zombies, but to each their own.

"Banner," as in Bruce Banner, as in The Hulk, rose by 48 percent.

That's my secret: I always name babies after a character's last name instead of their first.

And just like Halloween this year, everyone wants to be Harley Quinn. Harley is up by 35 percent.

Hillary rose an astounding 64 percent in popularity, proving that not only did Clinton win the popular vote, she also won the popular name vote.

If you're curious about the top 10 names for the boys, they are:

1. Jackson 2. Aiden 3. Lucas 4. Liam 5. Noah 6. Ethan 7. Mason 8. Caden 9. Oliver 10. Elijah

And for the girls:

1. Sophia 2. Emma 3. Olivia 4. Ava 5. Mia 6. Isabella 7. Riley 8 Aria 9. Zoe 10. Charlotte

Once again, my favorite baby name "Pancake Rockstar Hat" did not make the list -- and it is so beautiful.

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