Mom's Savage Prank After Kids Stop Doing Their Chores Has The Internet At War


The one thing that pisses mothers off the most is dirty dishes.

I'm not a mother, but judging from the reaction my mom used to give me if I let my plates pile up, they loathe a filthy sink.

One mother in particular chose to express her anger about her children's dirty dishes in a different way.

Alyssa Perez didn't do the dishes when she was told to (we've all been there, unfortunately). As a result, her mom decided to play a savage prank on her and her siblings.

Instead of reprimanding them for their laziness, Alyssa's mom got rid of the dishes entirely.


Shocked upon her discovery, Alyssa posted photos of the plastic cups, forks and plates in their kitchen cabinets.


Touché, Mom. Touché!

Alyssa opened her cabinets to plastic EVERYTHING and automatically knew what point her aggravated mother was trying to get across.

She talked to BuzzFeed News about the realization she had after seeing the drastic transformation and said,

I apologized to her and promised I'd help more around the house. She's just glad her point got across.

After tweeting about her mom's genius prank, Twitter took sides about whether this move was actually helpful or not. Some people shamed Alyssa for it.


Alyssa sarcastically wrote back to the haters about how she doesn't have to wash dishes ever again.


More and more people became salty about the resolution to the family's dish problem

Some claimed her stunt was "a bit much."


Others were mad about the amount of waste it's going to create.


Still, most people are pumped about the new dish selection and are jealous that Alyssa won't have to do dishes again for a while.


Some people think this is the "smart" way to live.


Regardless of the Twitter war Alyssa indirectly started, it looks like the family is environmentally friendly and will switch back to glass dishes in no time.

Alyssa talked about her fam' and said,

I was surprised at first because my family isn't the wasteful type and I know washing the dishes would be much better for the environment.

Hopefully, Alyssa takes her own advice and starts helping her mom out with the dishes when she's done with them.

Either that, or the garbage man is about to get angry about the bag of recyclables coming from their house.

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