Grooms Reveal How They Know Their Marriage Is Doomed


Love isn't foolproof, and it's certainly not forever-proof either.

Just because you think you've found your special person now, doesn't mean you'll still be eager to snuggle up beside them in the future.

Similar to how you know when you've fallen madly in love with someone (see: the urge to text them back immediately or changing your Facebook profile pic to one of you two kissing), you also know the minute you fall out of love with someone... or even the moment you realize your marriage isn't going to last.

Just take note of these eight grooms who admit they know their marriage won't be happily ever after:

1. I'm sick of being tied down.

— Ross J., 29

2. Kids change everything.

— Paul D., 34

3. I've already cheated.

— Eddy W., 32

4. None of my friends have stayed together.

— Daniel P., 31

5. We fight a ton.

— Ricky S., 29

6. It feels wrong.

— Lucas R., 29

7. I don't have a balance.

— Max W., 34

8. Nothing lasts forever.

— Chris D., 26