Brides-To-Be Share The Biggest Secret They're Keeping From Their Fiancé

It's always a good sign when you know you're entering a marriage with a person you love, trust and who knows every single thing about you.

But that's hardly realistic.

Even if you've spent years dating someone, they will never know every single detail, memory or secret from your life.

Some of those secrets may even be ones your partner should know way before you get married to them, but you think it's just easier to store them in the back of your mind and never tell anyone — ever.

Maybe they're about your past relationship (or even your current one). Maybe you cheated on your future spouse. Or maybe, deep down, you don't really believe your partner is the one.

Check out the secrets these brides-to-be are keeping from their fiancé, for better or for worse:

1. I don't think he's the one.

Everyone is always saying you get married to the person who is 'the one,' but honestly, I stopped believing that when I turned the big 30. Every year after that birthday, I started looking for someone who I could put up with to marry and have kids with. By 33, I found a guy who is good enough. He may not be the one, but he's someone, and I just want to get married and settle down. So we are getting married, and he has no idea I don't think he's my magical prince.

— Carrie W., 35

2. I'm not sure I want kids.

OK, so the big secret my fiancé doesn't know is that I kind of don't think I ever want kids. We've talked about starting a family and even picked out baby names, but deep down, I don't think I ever want kids. I plan to tell him this way after we're married because I don't want to lose him.

— Raquel P., 28

3. I maxed out our credit card.

My fiancé has left me to plan and pay for the wedding. (My parents are helping, of course) But because of that, he doesn't know how much the whole thing costs. He doesn't care; he just wants to show up on the day of the weding. I'm OK with that — it makes everything easier. But because he has left me to plan, I have maxed out our joint credit card. My parents cut me off for the wedding when I reached their max number, and I have to pay for everything else myself. I want a fairy tale wedding my parents and I can't afford. He'll find out one day that I did this when he can't pay our bill, but for now, my goal is to keep him from looking at the statement every month. I hide it.

— Morgan Y., 26

4. I cheated before.

So I cheated on an ex-boyfriend of mine, and my fiancé has no idea about that. I have never cheated on my fiancé, and I don't have any urge to or anything. I just haven't told him about that because I don't want him to think 'once a cheater always a cheater.' It doesn't work like that.

— Ashley C., 28

5. I invited an ex to the wedding.

I have this really good friend of mine — a guy I used to work with — and my fiancé thinks that guy and I have always just been friends, but we actually dated for three months. It wasn't serious, but it did happen. We stayed really good friends, and he's coming to the wedding. My fiancé has no idea that he and I once had a fling, and I hope he never finds out.

— Krista W., 31

6. I don't like his parents.

I don't like my future in-laws. I haven't told my future husband this because I don't want him to know I don't like them. When I'm around the in-laws-to-be, I smile, act happy and go with the flow. The truth is, they annoy me beyond belief.

— Deb D., 29