4 Fun Questions To Ask Your Partner So You Can Get To Know Their Sense Of Humor

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If you don't have a sense of humor, then what personality do you have? You're just, like... nice? Or smart? Doesn't make sense to me. Can't relate to that emotion. I need someone who is funny, and sometimes, especially with a new boyfriend or girlfriend, you have to figure out fun questions to ask your partner in order to gauge their sense of humor. Because if there's one thing you want to do with a potential boo, it's laugh.

You can't go out and ask someone, "Are you funny?" because that seems accusatory. I think I'm hilarious, but if someone ever asked me to tell them a joke, my mind would go blank. That's not really how personality works. Regardless, you can tell a lot about someone from their likes or dislikes, their favorite movies, television shows, and actors, and how they respond to things like personal embarrassment, Jim Carrey movies, and how vast their knowledge of female comedians is. But you need a smooth way to figure all of these things out.

So here are four fun questions to ask your partner so you can get to know their sense of humor. Because if this person isn't funny to you, then they aren't worth your time (unless they are nice or smart or something, I guess).

1. "Do You Prefer Jim Carrey In Ace Ventura Or Eternal Sunshine?"

Two completely different vibes, two very different genres of people. If you're into Ace Ventura-era Jim Carrey, then your date is probably a total goofball. They might be on the loud side, a flamboyant dresser, or do impressions when they're drunk.

An Eternal Sunshine lover is most likely dramatic, likes to brood, takes everything seriously, and leans toward the romantic side of things.

2. "If You Tripped And People Saw You, Would You Laugh At Yourself?"


The self-deprecating humor test. If you're going to have a good sense of humor, it's important that you don't take yourself too seriously.

If someone can't laugh it off if they trip or embarrass themselves in public, that means they still care wayyyyy too much about what people think. This person is driven by ego and pride, not having a good time.

3. "Amy Poehler Or Amy Schumer?"


Knowing female comedians is definitely part of the "how funny are you really, though?" test. And part of this test is the "which Amy do you like?" question.

Amy Poehler did "Weekend Update" on SNL. She runs the website Amy Poehler's Smart Girls. She was in Wet Hot American Summer. She's smart, quirky, alternative, and feminist. She's frequently seen with Tina Fey, and who didn't love the show Parks and Recreation?

Amy Schumer, on the other hand, is more on the self-deprecating, vulgar side. She wrote and starred in the movie Trainwreck, wrote the book The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo, and had a stand-up special called Mostly Sex Stuff.

Finding out which Amy your crush likes can tell you a lot about their personality. I firmly stand with #TeamAmyPoehler.

4. "What Movie Can You Quote The Best?"


I'll start off by saying that quoting movies constantly is a horribly annoying trait. If I wanted to hear an entire movie quoted, I'd just watch the movie itself. So maybe the best type of personality is one who doesn't quote movies at all. But this question can just as easily be substituted with "what is your favorite movie in general?"

If your partner can quote every line from a Shakespeare adaptation or The Godfather, then most likely, humor isn't their main personality trait. But if "What is this? A center for ants?!" is something they say frequently, and they own Zoolander on both DVD and Blu-ray, then laughing is probably one of their favorite hobbies.

To me, humor is what sustains a relationship and gets you through the good times and the bad. If you and your partner don't have a similar rapport, then it might be hard to relate to each other, especially when it comes to sharing the remote control on movie nights. So ask some of these questions early on in dating, and see if you have the same sense of humor. Hopefully, you and your potential partner are on the same page.

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