Wanda and Vision from Wandavision make a great couples Halloween costume.
6 Halloween Couples Costumes You Can DIY In No Time

Because where’s the fun in buying a ready-to-wear costume?


In order to assemble a perfect Halloween costume, you don’t only need a great idea: You need to be able to execute it originally and creatively. It can be tempting to head to the nearest Party City for something ready-to-wear and call it a day, but if you’re dressing up with your partner, it can be much more fun to join forces, piece together your DIY Halloween couples costume, and get a little crafty. Maybe you can even do each other’s makeup. (Or, in some cases, face paint.)

Some of these ideas are easier to pull off than others, but many of them require shockingly little effort, and you might already have some of the necessary staples in your own closet. As Halloween rapidly approaches, here are six costumes — some tried and true, and some very timely — along with some easy tutorials and essential details that will help you receive all the compliments, whether you’re headed to a Halloween party or just posing for a cute Instagram.

Wanda & Vision

WandaVision might not have won any Emmys, but its two lead characters are destined to inspire some of the best Halloween costumes of 2021. There are several versions of Wanda and Vision to choose from, but the most recognizable costume might be their Halloween outfits from Episode 6, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!”. (Wanda went as a Sokovian fortune-teller, Vision went as a luchador.) Here’s what you’ll need.

For Wanda:

For Vision:

Princess Peach & Mario

Maybe you want a very recognizable costume, maybe you’re a Nintendo fan, or maybe, these two have been on your mind since the news of (and discourse around) the Super Mario Bros live-action movie first hit Twitter. There are plenty of ready-to-wear Princess Peach and Mario costumes out there, but why not build your own? By reimagining these two outfits and crafting your own headgear, you’ll be the craftiest and cutest duo in the Mushroom Kingdom.

For Princess Peach:

For Mario:

Rue & Jules

It’s hard to choose just one Euphoria costume idea — in fact, I’d argue sparkly makeup on its own could be considered a Euphoria costume. But if you’re dressing up with your partner, the best (and most meta) option would be Rue and Jules’ Romeo + Juliet costumes. Both outfits are fairly straightforward, but be warned: You will need glitter eyeshadow and lots of it.

For Rue:

For Jules:

Dana Scully & Fox Mulder
20th Century Fox

As long as you have some black, work-friendly staples, it should be easy to dress up as these X Files icons. If you’re trying to channel Gillian Anderson’s Dana Scully, you might want to invest in a good wig, but the most essential detail here is an FBI badge. Print out a template and a photo, laminate it (if possible), and you’ll be ready to get spooky in no time.

For Scully:

For Mulder, you’ll need:

Betty & Jughead
The CW

Over the course of five seasons, Riverdale has given us many iterations of Bughead — in other words, if you’re dressing up as Betty Cooper, you have some flexibility. For high school Betty, any collared shirt under a knit sweater should do the trick; add a high ponytail and some pale pink makeup, and you’re good to go. But if you’re dressing up as Jughead, you might want to pay a little more attention to the details. I mean, he’s never seen without his hat on, right?

For Betty:

For Jughead:

Bennifer’s Instagram Debut

Don’t just dress up as 2021’s most iconic couple — dress up as 2021’s most iconic Instagram post. It might be a little cold to wear a bikini and you might not be able to get your hands on J.Lo’s Valentino kaftan, but the accessories below will help you replicate her 50th birthday look. (This is also a perfect costume if your partner’s less into the whole dress-up thing: They can just grab a t-shirt, or maybe a coffee from Dunkin,’ if they really want to channel Ben Affleck.)

For J.Lo:

For Ben:

The best part of creating your own costume is deciding how to make it your own. Feel free to use some of these ideas as jumping-off points, and then take your partner to your favorite thrift store or raid their makeup collection. After all, the process is the fun part.