The 'Gossip Girl' reboot will serve as inspiration for tons of DIY costumes this Halloween.

9 DIY Gossip Girl Reboot Costume Ideas For Your Most Fashionable Friends

Couture not required.

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Back in the late 2000s, Gossip Girl dictated the style of a whole generation, and now the 2021 reboot is doing the same with even more effortlessly cool fashions. But of course, most fans of the show probably won’t be spending thousands of dollars to procure the fresh-off-the-runway couture pieces that the Constance Billard students strut in around New York City. That’s alright, though, because the perfect excuse to channel your inner Julien Calloway or Max Wolfe is almost here: Halloween. Don’t worry about emptying your wallet, because these DIY Gossip Girl reboot group Halloween costumes will help you bring Upper East Side style on a Brooklyn budget.

Fashion has always been a huge part of Gossip Girl, so when HBO Max revived the iconic teen series with a whole new cast of characters, they obviously had to be on the cutting-edge of all the most stylish trends. The reboot has already delivered some very memorable looks, many of which are just begging to be recreated for Halloween. Plus, there are more than enough fashion-forward characters to go around, so you and your friend group can easily put together the perfect group costume.

The real creativity comes in finding cheaper alternatives to each Upper East Sider’s high-end outfits. To help get you started, here are some suggestions for each main character.

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1. Julien Calloway DIY Gossip Girl Costume

The new queen bee of the NYC social scene has a unique sense of style that’s all her own. Julien isn’t afraid to rock a show-stopping gown on nights out, but her most iconic looks actually come during school hours; she has a talent for modifying her school uniform to make it look super stylish.


The best part is, Julien’s school outfits are just basic essentials that she styles to perfection, so you can easily find the wardrobe without much hassle. Just pair an oversized collared shirt with a navy blue tie to recreate one of Julien’s most memorable looks.

2. Max Wolfe DIY Gossip Girl Costume

Without a doubt, Max has the most ostentatious style of any of the Gossip Girl cast. Just like his spiritual predecessor Chuck Bass, Max is a sucker for a well-tailored suit, and they tend to have some over-the-top flair to them. Often, Max’s suits are striped and brightly colored.


You won’t be able to find an exact replica of Max’s specifically designed suits for cheap, but you can replicate the signature look by finding a striped suit jacket of your own that screams Max Wolfe.

Or gender-flip the character with a suit jacket cut for women.

3. Zoya Lott DIY Gossip Girl Costume

New girl Zoya has proven herself as a rising style star on a few occasions, although the outfit most associated with her is probably her school uniform. Ever the rule-follower, she’s usually seen rocking her traditional plaid jumper.


You can actually find an exact match of Zoya’s school uniform (a pleated V-neck jumper available on French Toast), but it’s only sold in children’s sizes, so that’s probably not a great option if you want it to actually cover your butt. Instead, you can order the same pattern in a skirt in adult sizes.

Pair that with a white shirt and a matching tie, and you’ve got the perfect Zoya costume. Oh, and don’t forget the headband!

4. Obie Bergman DIY Gossip Girl Costume

While the rest of the characters go all-in on distinctive, fashionable looks, Obie is comfortable in more casual items. He doesn’t really have a definitive outfit, but most often will wear jackets over plain T-shirts.


You can score a close lookalike of Obie’s corduroy jacket from ASOS.

5. Audrey Hope DIY Gossip Girl Costume

The true heir to Blair Waldorf’s preppy style, Audrey is always put-together, but with a more relaxed, modern take on Queen B’s lewks. Her standout ‘fit is the oversized cardigan she paired with her school uniform to really show off her eye for design.


The Tommy Hilfiger cardigan she wears on the show will run you a whopping $360. Instead, you can save hundreds by grabbing a lookalike from American Eagle.

Complete the look with a white collared shirt and some black leggings. And don’t forget to add Audrey’s signature ribbon bow.

6. Aki Menzies DIY Gossip Girl Costume

While most of his classmates love posh, high-fashion style, Aki is all about trendy streetwear. The skater is a big fan of layering sweaters and jackets to really capture the NYC look.


It’s not too difficult to steal Aki’s style with some basics — just nab a neutral hoodie and puffer jacket. Of course, you’re going to have to add a bit more to your look if you want to make it obvious you’re Aki, so spray your hair pink with some dye spray and carry around a skateboard. True GG fans will know who you are right away.

7. Luna La DIY Gossip Girl Costume

As Julien’s stylist, Luna has some of the best outfits in the series. Unfortunately, they’re also the most expensive outfits featured on GG, but you can still replicate her fashion-forward looks with some creative replacements.


It’s not too hard to find a striped sweater and heeled brown suede boots that look very similar to Luna’s without having to pay couture prices.

8. Monet De Haan DIY Gossip Girl Costume

Julien’s social media manager Monet is always on the job, and her sleek outfits emphasize her professionalism. Monet loves to combine workwear and trendiness with matching blazer and skirt sets in bold patterns.


It’s not as easy to cheaply replicate Monet’s high-end style, but you can find some sets that she would wear for less money.

9. Kate Keller DIY Gossip Girl Costume

The teens aren’t the only ones having some dramatic fun on Gossip Girl. Righteous teacher Kate took on the role of Gossip Girl 2.0 in the reboot, and her signature style is a bit more plain than the students she reports on.


Kate tends to rock more neutral colors, often opting for a cardigan and patterned pants befitting of a trendy but not exactly envelope-pushing high school teacher.

While you probably won’t be able to exactly match the Gossip Girl cast’s super-expensive fashions this Halloween, these lookalike swaps should help get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to thrift looks that serve Upper East Side style on the cheap.

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