Disney Aired Its First-Ever Gay Kiss On Television And Everyone Was So Excited

by Sean Abrams

Disney just made history.

The LGBT community was represented by a handful of on-screen cartoon kisses during one of Disney's animated TV programs.

In a recent episode of Disney XD's "Star vs. The Forces of Evil," the characters Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz are sandwiched between an annoying amount of couples during a popular boy band concert.

As if this scene couldn't get any more relatable, one of the musical performances triggers a sea of smooching between the surrounding romantic partners.

The best part? Two gay and two lesbian couples were featured.

Disney and "Star vs. The Forces of Evil" played the scene up nicely, swirling through the different pairs without focusing exclusively on the inclusion of LGBT members in the concert stands.

Didn't you guys know? Gay and lesbian people are just like everyone else.

It's also pretty uplifting to have a program that's explicitly targeted towards young children feature different members of the LGBT community in such a positive way. Something like this can (and hopefully will) encourage the acceptance of anyone — no matter their sexual orientation.

I wasn't the only one in full support of this animated make out session.

Tons of people took to Twitter to express how ecstatic they were in Disney's choice on emphasizing that love is love.

Everyone was in full support of the LGBT representation, and frankly, are eager to see more of it.

"Star vs. The Forces of Evil" may not be the first animated television show to feature LGBT characters, but it is the first to put gay and lesbian PDA on the map in this fashion. The biggest takeaway is that Disney played it low-key and treated their inclusion as they would with any other situation on the show.

This progression is good and should only mean great things for future LGBT representation on television, cartoon or otherwise.

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