9 Ways To Spot The Difference Between A 'Forever Single' Guy And A Player

by Alexa Mellardo

Are you currently questioning if the guy you're seeing is a (sneaky) master at the game of assholery?

Don't fret: Many of us have been in the same boat, even if we aren't in it at this very moment.

We grew up dreaming of the day we would fall head over heels in love with our very own Prince Charming, with all the awe-inspiring magic and butterflies it entails.

In reality, there are so many jerks sliding into our DMs for all the wrong reasons, as well as stage five clingers we just can't seem to shake.

The dating scene nowadays can be stressful AF.

Dealing with the endless amount of tools in the shed can make a gal close herself off to the right guy when he finally comes along.

Sometimes, she even makes the common mistake of shying away from the so-called “forever single” dude because he's initially been dubbed a player.

BUT there are many reasons why a guy is single with good intentions. So don't be too quick to judge him, ladies.

The “forever single” guy has other responsibilities he wants to deal with, and he doesn't put being in a relationship at the top of his list. He's not ready to give a relationship all he has to offer at this point in his life, and that's totally OK.

He's not playing you: He's just doing him at the moment.

There's a fine line between a “forever single” guy and a player. Here's how to spot the difference:

1. A “forever single” guy wants to date many girls until someone really floats his boat. A player dates a ton of different girls just to add more notches to his belt.

2. A “forever single” guy makes it known he doesn't want a relationship yet. A player tricks you into thinking you're headed toward one, but then drops you like it's hot for no reason whatsoever. He throws each girl away when he wants to move on.

3. A “forever single” guy may have been hurt in the past, so he's afraid of opening up too quickly. A player has hurt others and will never let you in.

4. A “forever single” guy wants to reach a certain point of financial stability before he settles down. A player likes to spend his money like it's his job.

5. A “forever single” guy will get to know you. A player won't want or care to get to know you.

6. A “forever single” guy won't be misleading; you'll know where you stand with him. A player is calculating AF and tells you all the right things you want to hear... until you realize he's not actually making them happen.

7. A “forever single” guy is more particular about who he spends his time with. A player doesn't know what he wants, but he always goes where the attention is.

8. You know where you stand with the “forever single” guy. You'll constantly question if things are “too good to be true” when you're with a player.

9. A “forever single” guy is motivated and has goals. A player wants to play all the time, so he really doesn't give two fucks about anything else.

Rarely does a guy decide at an early age that he'll remain single for eternity. The single life can get extremely lonely when you're talking about forever.

The majority of guys do plan on tying the knot, even if it happens at a much later stage in life. That certainly shouldn't give them a bad rep.

Always remember: On the one hand, the “forever single” guy is putting his “me time” and other priorities first right now. But someday, he will make an incredible significant other.

On the other hand, know when it's time to accept the reality that a dude's a player. Once a player, always a player.

Don't push away that little voice in your head telling you something doesn't add up, even when you wholeheartedly wish it's not true.

Listen to your gut. You'll know when it's time to bow out and ditch him, or stick around to find out if things can really go somewhere in the future.