10 Reasons Fall Is The Most Romantic Season To Start Dating

by Sheena Sharma
Jayme Burrows

If you've been on a dating hiatus like me, you might want to get out there and start trying again.

Why? Because fall is the most romantic time of the year.

Think about it: In the summer, all you want to do is get drunk and stay out until the sun comes up. But in the fall, leaves change, the air turns crisp and you find yourself wanting to find someone to call your own and cozy up to with some hot chocolate.

Not only that, but don't you want someone to take you to that BYOB pumpkin-carving class? Yeah, that's what we thought.

Here's why fall is the most romantic season to start dating again:

1. You can have a cuddle buddy.

'Tis the season for bouts of loneliness, aka why cuffing season is a thing. Now is the time to start romancing a guy into your bed... so you can keep him there when the nights start getting ridiculously cold.

2. You can wear your new clothes on dates.

You need your cute plaid J.Crew scarf and that velvet dress to be seen, dammit! Now is the time to really flaunt your impeccable style.

3. There are so many outdoor activities to do together.

Yes, pumpkin picking and cider tasting are basic AF, but they're also BASICally super fun to do with a handsome guy in tow.

4. You can stay home and snuggle by the fireplace...

Ugh, is there anything more romantic than wine, a blanket and a fireplace?

5. ...and catch up on your favorite romantic comedies.

Summer's too hot for movies, and spring is too beautiful to stay in. Fall is totally rom-com binge-watching season.

6. You can go to a football game together.

Tailgating and drinking beers in the stands can be a really fun bonding experience with your guy.

Even if you hate sports, it's only fair to go with bae after you made him watch "Must Love Dogs" 57 times.

7. You can wear an epic Halloween couples costume.

You know you've always wanted to be Jasmine and Aladdin. (No? Is that just me?)

Or maybe you'd rather be matching hash browns.

Start dating now, and this could be a reality on October 31!

8. When you inevitably get a cold, you'll have someone to take care of you.

You can chill on your sick bed while bae brings you soup. Suddenly, your sniffles won't feel as bad.

9. When you get sick of the cold, you can plan a warm, weekend getaway.

"Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama!" You know those hotel rooms are cheaper when you're splitting them.

 10. And if you guys last, you can bring him home for the holidays.

If I had someone to bring home this Christmas, my mom would be all like, "HELL YES! FINALLY!"

So cuff away, my single friends, and take full advantage of this romantic dating season.