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Colton Underwood's video using Tinder with his grandma is priceless.

Colton Shared A Hilarious Video Of His Grandma Helping Him Pick Men On Tinder

Nana Underwood did not hold back.

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Colton Underwood’s grandma does not hold back. The Bachelor alum, who came out as gay on Good Morning America on April 14, shared a video on his Instagram page on Friday, June 11, which features his hilariously opinionated grandmother doling out some dating advice. Although you’d probably figure the video is anything but a Tinder browsing session, think again. ICYMI, Colton Underwood’s video using Tinder with his grandma will make you melt.

Underwood has a lot in the works at the moment, and you can also add swiping on Tinder matches to that list. Instead of going it alone, though, he employed his grandma to help. The Instagram video, which Underwood captioned, “Nana helps me swipe on Tinder,” is so good you might want to watch it twice. The video begins with the pair seated at a table. Underwood’s grandma is looking at his phone with him as he swipes through photos on Tinder profiles. The first thing she says is in response is, “Kinda. He looks happy,” but she soon gets impatient with her grandson’s speed, remarking that she “can’t give a true assessment” if he keeps going too fast.

After showing a second picture, she says “Yes,” but it turns out it’s just a different photo of the same dude, and Underwood laughs, asking, “Yes or no?” After realizing it’s the same person, she asks what his age is before deciding he looks too old for her grandson.

Through the video, she’s not hype about any of the potential matches, saying things like, “No, god no. No.” At one point, she remarks, “No, no. Oh my god! No, he looks good and everything, but he’s too old for you.”

Apparently, one of the matches looked a bit “too full of himself,” per grandma Underwood, but she also declared the guy in question was a “Maybe.” She added, “That’s the first maybe I’ve seen out of all of these.” To another match, she said they had “nice eyes” before adding, “Not bad, I mean, compared to some of these.”

She was also openly picky about age differences, at one point saying a 40-year-old man is far too large of a difference for Underwood, who is 29. After seeing that match, she says, “They’re all so old,” with an exasperated laugh.

Underwood, who is laughing just as much as his grandma, asks, "Now do you see why I'm single?” His question incites even more laughter, and she says, "Yeah."

Although the video is definitely hilarious, their relationship comes through so strong. It’s clear that the pair has a close bond, and it’s super sweet to see.

Finally, the nearly two-minute video concludes with Underwood’s grandma saying dryly, “That one’s a big, fat no.”

To see the cuteness for yourself, you can watch the full IG video below.

Underwood’s caption for the post explained a bit more about how his grandma operates. “My nana is picky, honest, and blunt. but after we stopped filming, she said, ‘im not going to let you settle, you deserve the best, and i want someone to make you very happy.’ we all need a nana in our lives,” he wrote.

The Bachelor star was previously in a relationship with Cassie Randolph, his chosen winner of Season 23, but they broke up in 2020. The breakup was notably messy, with Randolph filing a restraining order and accusing Underwood of stalking her after the split. Since then, the pair resolved the issues outside of legal proceedings, and Underwood publicly apologized to Randolph for his erratic behavior on his Good Morning America interview.

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Well, whoever Underwood chooses to go on a date with, it’s likely his grandma won’t approve (“Oh god, no”), but maybe he’ll find someone they both agree on eventually.