Guy Proposes To Girlfriend With Chicken Nuggets, Is Boyfriend We All Really Want

by Jamie LeeLo

Every girl fantasizes about the moment when her lover will get down on one knee, open up a box and reveal a big, beautiful, amazing, delicious, juicy chicken nugget... I mean diamond. Or do I mean chicken nugget?

Lucky for Karsyn Long, from Lincoln, Illinois, she got both when her boyfriend proposed to her this past Valentine's Day.

Ugh. Dreams do come true.


Long was shocked and wooed when her boyfriend Kristian Helton got down on one knee and popped the big question with a McDonald's chicken nugget box.

Helton told NBC, "Her love for chicken nuggets, I'm sure, is more than she loves me. She has devoted her life to chicken nuggets, so that had to be part of the engagement."

And it seems Helton was right, as Long said, "I do like chicken nuggets a lot and I think since he knew that he thought it would be the best way to propose to me."

I mean, if that doesn't sound like a happily ever after waiting to happen, I don't know what does.


Helton got pretty creative with the actual proposal presentation, even placing the ring IN a chicken nugget.

What was even better for the big reveal? Inside of the box itself, he wrote, "Will you McMarry me?"

YOU GUYS. He wrote, "Will you MCMARRY me?"

You just couldn't make this shit up if you tried.


Long said, "I didn't hesitate to say yes because he is obviously the one I want to spend my life with." And Helton joked, "If you have a chicken nugget loving girlfriend, that's how you should propose to her."

The adorable couple met two years ago and began dating almost immediately, according to

The rest, as they say, is McHistory. (Sorry, I literally couldn't help myself.)

No word on whether or not the ceremony will take place in the McDonald's drive-thru or the ball pit, but here's hoping Ronald McDonald himself officiates the wedding.

Hey, after this story, anything can happen.

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