These Kanye West and Chaney Jones breakup rumors are intense.

Chaney Subtly Addressed Those Kanye Breakup Rumors

Maybe she won't have to cover up her "Ye" tat after all.

Michael Reaves/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

All right, what’s the deal with Ye and Kim — ahem, my bad — Chaney Jones? On June 7, sources told TMZ that the unpredictable musician and his latest girlfriend have called it quits after a ~casual~ Japan getaway. At the time, there was no word on whether it was Kanye “Ye” West or Jones who reportedly ended things... and now it seems like things may not actually be over between them, despite the reports. On June 8, Chaney addressed the breakup rumors herself via her Insta Story, and I’m kinda confused. Maybe she is still Ye’s muse-of-the-moment after all?

On June 7, a source told Entertainment Tonight that the romance had “fizzled out.” Reportedly, “They were never super serious to begin with. He has been doing his own thing and has been dating around since his divorce with Kim.” OK, so that’s not not true. Since Kimye’s infamous split in January 2021, Ye has been linked to several famous women. And apparently the Donda rapper was even spotted with OnlyFans model Monica Corgan on June 4 — maybe that’s where the rumors started?

Despite the breakup speculation, Chaney made sure to celebrate Ye’s 45th birthday publicly. On June 8, the model and COO of First State Behavioral Health captioned a romantic (?) montage of the couple, “Happy birthday baby I love youuuuu.” Sounds like they’re definitely still together, right? It’s not quite that simple. Chaney did completely erase her beau from her Insta grid the same day that the split rumors broke. IMO, this all seems a little sus... why does her IG Story tell a different one than her profile? Maybe their breakup was amicable enough to still say “I love you?”

Perhaps they’re still going strong, despite the sources’ claims? Ye and Chaney’s romance certainly got off to a whirlwind start. ICYMI, sparks first started flying between Chan-Ye in February, following Ye’s breakup with Uncut “Gaaams” star Julia Fox. Things seemed to move pretty quickly between them, too. Later that same month, the lovebirds did a joint Balenciaga run and went Instagram offish. And although nobody in this Kardashian-adjacent pairing branded themselves (here’s looking at you, Pete), Chaney did get a “Ye” tattoo back in May. Seems like she might be keeping it for now?

Since sources’ statements are at odds with Jones’ “I love youuuuu” (yes, that’s five “u”s), it’s looking like fans of this romance will have to stay tuned for the full story. TBH, I might need a separate Keeping Up with Kanye show to stay on top of his love life.