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Boyfriend Accidentally Throws His Own Poop On Girlfriend's Washing Machine

In case you missed my articles about adults pooping their pants, getting bird poop smeared on my face or my most recent one about people pooping themselves after having anal sex, I LOVE myself a good poop story.

I don't care how gross it is. I don't care how weird it is. I don't even care how anticlimactic it is.

You could accidentally say the word "poop" and I'd giggle. And nothing slays me quite like a funny poop story.

I've heard about people who've pooped themselves at dinner, in their parents' beds, in front of their significant others... you name it, I've heard it.

But just as I was starting to think I had really heard it all, Our Editor-in-Chief, Kaitlyn, sent me this little diddy and I realized, "OK, I definitely have NOT."

This story HAS it all, you guys: Clogged toilets, explosive diarrhea, public shaming, love, heartbreak. THE. WORKS.


I feel morally obligated, as a fellow human being, to share the best story ever with you.

Read along. Let yourself feel every feeling there is to feel — from disgust and heartbreak, to pure, unadulterated joy.


Happy Monday to all, and to all a good poop.