11 Brave People And I Admit To Pooping Our Pants As Adults


In case your mom never got you the book, here's a fun little fact: EVERYBODY POOPS. That's right, everybody. Even GIRLS. (WARNING: This article contains real, hard proof that girls, in fact, poop.)

President Obama could be dropping a deuce as you read these very words. Mother Teresa was probably going number two every day of her saintly life (you KNOW that food in Calcutta probably ran right through her). Heck, even that mega hottie you just started hooking up with most likely took a giant dumper this morning.

You get the picture. We all poop. So why don't we want to talk about it?!? It's like a funny inside joke that everybody on planet Earth is lucky enough to be in on, so it's time to stop pretending like it doesn't happen and start LAUGHING about it!

I, myself, have had an incident just a few short months ago. The horrific accident took place on the corner of Amsterdam and 72nd right outside of the Duane Reade -- that’s right, I shat on the street in New York City.

In my defense, I had just ingested a particularly questionable taco and my sole purpose for going to Duane Reade in the first place was to get some Imodium to clog that sh*t up. I just wasn’t quite able to make the 20-foot walk back home.

And I'm not the only one with a story like that. Please read along as 11 brave adults tell us about times they pooped their pants.

When you just couldn’t quite make it to the toilet…

—Alena, 22

—Jenn*, 21

—Matilda*, 23

When you thought it was just a fart…

—Jane, 20

—Houston*, 22

—Adam, 24

Gigi, 25

—Keely, 22

When you were trying to be sporty but your body has other plans for you…

—Dixie*, 21

Zara, 29

—Caroline, 22

If this hasn't happened to you, don't get too cocky. No one is safe, and poop can happen anywhere, any time. If it has happened to you, are you brave enough to share in the comments your tale of a time you pooped your pants?

*Name has been changed