7 Reasons You Should Totally Date A Competitive Swimmer

Dejan Ristovski

There's no doubt you should want to date your local competitive swimmer.

They are in great shape, they aren't afraid to get naked, and they look great in a swim suit.

But then again, there are the early bedtimes for 5:15am swim practices, the growing out of hair on the female side between meets, and they smell like chlorine all the time.

If you can get past those things, here are 7 reasons you should consider dating a competitive swimmer.

1. You never have to worry about pigging out or eating too much.

They will go toe to toe with you when it comes to food.

Swimmers are renowned for their appetite, with Michael Phelps' diet gaining legendary (and ultimately mythical) status prior to Beijing when it was reported that he was crushing 12,000 calories per day. Or when he ate an entire pound of pasta after winning gold this past summer.

If you like to eat, then swimmers are right in your wheelhouse.

2. The body.

Unlike most sports, a swimmer's body is instantly recognizable.

You have swimmer's body. You don't have a football body, or a water polo body, or a hockey body. With their lean frame, wide shoulders, and jacked up core, swimmers are supremely fit from piling up thousands and thousands of miles in the pool.

They do the hard work, and you get to reap the benefits!

3. The swimsuit to suit/dress transformation will stun you.

Between shuffling from morning practice to school, back to practice, and then basically straight to bed, there isn't a whole lot of time for making themselves look awesome.

Yes, you will have to get used to wet hair, jogging pants, and workout gear six days of the week.

But when they have a day off and enough energy to replace the chlorine with make up or some hair product, you'll be in for a treat.

4. Swimmers are professional nap artists.

My favorite part of lunch time wasn't necessarily eating when in heavy training. It was being able to sneak in a quick doze.

Swimmers can put their head down and fall asleep just about anywhere if given an opportunity, so be prepared for some impromptu napping.

5. They are a dedicated bunch.

The swim season is no joke.

For most swimmers who go to nationals or even junior nationals, they are training for almost the entire year.

Sure, there might be a couple breaks here and there when they are going through the swimmer's taper, but by and large it's go time from fall to summer.

Which means, if they are carving time out of their schedule for you, that you are truly worthy.

6. Stamina.

They train for upwards of five hours a day.

Back and forth along that black line, using their whole body in a concerted effort to get just a little bit more conditioned and a tad faster than they were yesterday.

A nifty side-effect of all this training? They are going to be in great shape for, uh, you know, whatever it is that couples do and stuff.

7. She's tough.

Swimming might appear like a sport that is without contact, but attend one of her practices, where she splits a lane with 9 other swimmers, catching the occasional paddle to the face.

Or head down to a local competition and take in the violent chaos that is the swim meet warm-up.

Besides the mental toughness that comes from the training and relentless competition day-in and day-out at practice, she's caught her fair share of feet to the face from breaststrokers.