5 Sexy Ways To Turn On Your SO When You’re Long Distance

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In a perfect world, you and your partner would be able to share everything — like your spare time, your bed at night, and, most of all, your ZIP code. Sometimes, however, that just isn't how it works out and you end up in long-distance relationships. While this setup has its challenges, it can also be an opportunity to get close on an emotional level and, believe it or not, a sexual one as well, if you know a few ways to turn on your long-distance partner and keep things spicy.

While it might take a little more effort and creativity when you can't be face to face (not to mention other parts) with them, there are ways to keep your sex life poppin' with your sweetie in different states or even hemispheres. We're living in the golden age of technology, so why not put it to use to let your partner know just how much you want them and remind them why you're the one for them no matter how many miles — or even oceans — are between you. If you want to have your partner thirsting for your touch tonight, try one of these saucy and oh-so-intimate tricks.

Sexy Texts And Photo Shoots.

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Not only does a sext let your partner know you’re attracted to them and want them, never underestimate the power of a sexy message or photo to remind them what they're missing back home with you, too. You can send them a suggestive text to get the ball rolling, and, if you're new to sexting, start with something flirty and work your way up to something explicit, when and if you feel comfortable. The same is true of sexy photos; sometimes showing just a tease is plenty to get your partner’s heart pounding.

Boom Boom On Zoom.

While you can’t go on in-person date nights, that doesn’t mean you can’t still share special intimate evenings over video. As matchmaker and online dating expert Carmelia Ray previously told Elite Daily, continuing to flirt with your partner, even if it's over Zoom, is a great way to keep the spark alive no matter how far apart you are. "Long-distance couples can schedule regular video dates together. Flirting, keeping things sexy, and putting effort into your appearance before a video date can go a long way in keeping your spark alive in between in-person visits," she said. And if you're so inclined, Zoom also makes for a convenient boom boom room. Just sayin’.

Long-Distance Sex Toys.

We live in a truly amazing time when it comes to sex tech. Did you know you can feel your partner's touch from anywhere on the globe with Wi-Fi? That's right, you can take your sexy Zoom time (or any private time) to the next level with teledildonic sex toys. These toys allow you to “feel” one another during solo play.

Sexy Snail Mail.

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While technology can make you feel closer to your partner even when they're a world away, don’t forget the old-school ways of feeling close. There's something really special about getting a sexy love letter in the mail from the one you care for most. That’s because, unlike texts and emails, a handwritten letter's something tactile they can hold in their hands to really feel that love. It's physical evidence of your connection.

Intimate Conversation.

Along with getting flirty and seductive over texts and calls, another way to keep the passion strong between you and your partner is just to focus on improving your overall intimacy, and long-distance relationships are great for that. The key is to have conversations that allow each of you to open up and share the vulnerable sides of yourselves. And good commutation is everything in any long-distance relationship, as Rachel Dack, a licensed counselor and dating coach, previously told Elite Daily. "Keeping the lines of communication open is essential in keeping the connection going and promoting intimacy and closeness during physical time apart," she explained.

Whether it's talking about fantasies and plans you have for the bedroom in the future, or the things that matter most to you in life, these kinds of conversations bring you closer together and can help to increase your desire for one another and sexual satisfaction when you're together (literally or even virtually). “Being intimate is about being real, vulnerable, transparent, honest, and fiercely loving," Allana Pratt previously told Elite Daily “It’s about non-judgmental curiosity, it’s about discovering who you are in the presence of someone you love, it’s about sharing your unique expression and receiving theirs.”

Sure, keeping things hot in your LDR might take a little extra effort and imagination, but when they're the one you want to be with it can be so worth it.