30 Reasons Feminists Make The Best Boyfriends

Alberto Bogo

Psychologists tell us we repeat cycles.

The familiar, no matter how cruel it may be, is always craved. It brings about comfort and reassurance, and so many people spend years trying to break bad habits, if they ever make it there at all.

If you've only ever dated one type of person, breaking the cycle can be extremely hard; it's often difficult to recognize when there's anything wrong in the first place.

It can be even harder to break the cycle if you don't believe an alternative partner, one who respects you fully, is out there.

Simone Becchetti

If you've never dated a feminist, I'm here to tell you they exist and they're better than your wildest dreams.

Men aren't all just "locker room talk" supporters and people who think feminists are strictly bra burners.

Here are a few reasons why dating a feminist will change the way you date forever:

1. He'd never feel threatened if you make more money than him, just like you wouldn't feel threatened if he did. Equality, baby.

2. He'll never tell you you're wrong during a fight. Fighting is not about who's wrong and who's right, it's about saying, "This is how I feel when you do XYZ" and figuring out a solution.

3. He'll never shut down your beliefs. If you're dating someone who says you are flat out wrong about what you believe in, he doesn't respect you or your opinions.


4. He recognizes when he makes a sexist comment and stops. After all, we're all products of our society, so it makes sense sexist comments slip from both men and women every once in a while.

5. He wants to take you out to celebrate when something great happens in your life. He doesn't feel the need to one up you.

6. He understands being pregnant is, above all else, a medical issue, and why you may not be ready for it -- mentally or physically.

7. He knows women can make their own decisions about their bodies -- not the government.

8. He's open to learning about things he doesn't understand. Being open to facts is not only how anyone ever learns anything, it can also impact personal opinion.

9. He was horrified to hear Trump's "locker room" comments.

10. He knows saying, "boys will be boys" is a sexist comment that allows boys to be less than versions of themselves, by society's standards.

11. He's horrified to learn that the Equal Rights Amendment, which was introduced in 1923, has yet to pass.

12. He'll never criticize your Instagram photos. He is secure enough to know who you are at your core, so you'll never have to apologize for something he haphazardly decides to deem as "inappropriate." (Kim and Kanye, anyone?)

13. He recognizes men get paid more as a fact, so won't get annoyed when you're practicing what to say in your next meeting to ask for a raise. He'll get how important it is.

14. He won't judge you for your past. He knows that, just like him, you have a past -- good or bad -- and will only judge you on who you are now.

15. He gave you hope after you heard about the Brock Turner case that not all men are the same.

16. He was just as disgusted by it as you were.

17. He knows a great date idea doesn't always mean dinner and flowers, but can include anything from camping to watching your favorite sports team.

18. He'll shout "her body her choice," at the next protest you attend together.

19. He'll never make comments on what you're wearing.

20. He emotionally supports you because he's emotionally intelligent.

21. He knows sex is a two-way street and should be 100 percent equal. You give and you take.

22. He respects all the women in his life, from his mom and sister to the waitress taking his order. He treats everyone with equal respect.

23. He knows playing like a girl is a good thing.

24.  He doesn't get jealous when you go out with your friends.

25. He gets your point of view on things happening in his own life.

26. He knows true love is about equality, not control.

27. Everything is easier because you respect each other. Constant drama isn't normal for any relationship.

28. He's so appreciative he's found love that he also believes everyone -- no matter his or her sexual orientation -- deserves to find it too.

29. He knows access to birth control is vital to a healthy relationship.

30. And most importantly, he's never afraid to call himself a feminist because he knows feminism is truly about equality of the sexes.