Take Care Of Your Sexual Health By Shopping These Black-Owned Companies

Following renewed discussions about police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, social media has also sparked conversations about institutional racism in corporations and ways to invest money in the Black community. One way you can tangibly support Black creatives is by buying from their businesses. By purchasing goods from the following Black-owned sexual wellness companies, you're directly supporting underrepresented sexual health professionals, designers, aestheticians, and kink practitioners who deserve all the hype.

The ways you can tend to your sexual well-being are endless. Sometimes, self-care looks like adding a vibrator or cock sleeve to your cart to get in touch with your body and what feels good. It might look like working up the courage to buy your first butt plug, or a pair of handcuffs so you can finally start exploring your kinks. It might be investing in lingerie to feel like a bad b*tch, ethereal candles to set your solo-sex mood, or vulva cream to soothe your vagina after play.

Here are 14 Black-owned brands to keep on your radar the next time you're looking to get sensual, kinky, or nurturing when it comes to your sexuality. Along with checking out their websites, you can also hit these brands with a friendly "follow" on Instagram to further support their businesses and stay in the loop.

Harts Desires (@hartsdesires)
The Butters (@getthebutters)

"Black and gay AF, 365" is The Butters' motto. Along with skincare and haircare products, The Butters sells various kinds of lube, "palm grease" for handjobs, and butters to soothe bruises post-consensual kinky play.

Kelly's Kloset (@kellysklosetdotnet)

Whether you're looking for embellished bra and panty sets, lacy bodysuits, stockings, or garters, Kelly's Kloset has all your lingerie needs covered — especially if you wear mid-size or plus-size clothing. The company also sells sex toys and other sensual goodies to treat yourself with.

Plume (@houseofplume)
Feel More (@feelmoreadult)

Based in Oakland and Berkeley, California, Feelmore sells vibrators, cock sleeves, dildos, lube, and anal toys.

The Honey Pot Co. (@thehoneypotco)

Founded by Beatrice Dixon, The Honey Pot Co. sells things like vaginal wipes, vulva cream, and panty spray in dreamy scents like lavender and jasmine at Target.

Love, Vera (@shoplovevera)

Not only does Love, Vera have a fire size-inclusive lingerie selection, but this Black-owned company actively employs Black folks as models, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, and marketers. "Every purchase creates opportunities for Black Women in fashion," its website says.

Plz, Be Careful (@plzbecareful)

Plz Be Careful sells gender-fluid clothing it refers to as handmade "sl*tgear and armor." Looking at the brand's chain harnesses, necklaces, and handcuffs, that description is completely on the money.

Soft Spot (@mysoftspots)

Natasha Burks created SoftSpot to give customers "a wide variety of adult toys, to satisfy every party involved."

Baddie Botanica (@baddiebotanica)

While Baddie Botanica doesn't sell lube, lingerie, or vibrators, it does sell a major way to set a sexy mood: crackling, fragrant, rose-scented candles.

B Condoms (@bcondoms)
Private Packs (@privatepacks)

Private Packs sells versatile therapy pads (with reusable protective sleeves) that soothe your genitals. Cool your pad and enjoy a "chill pill for tense vaginal muscles." Heat it up and it's "a warm hug for your sore vulva."

Consider this list a stack of fresh options for companies to buy your lace teddies, anal vibrators, lubes, condoms, and vaginal wipes from. Lift up the innovative Black creatives who are championing your sensuality and sexual liberation, and stock up on some goodies — truly, a win-win.