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Taylor Swift wears Pat McGrath Labs' 'Taylor-Made' makeup in the "Bejeweled" music video.

Don’t Sleep On Pat McGrath’s 'Taylor-Made' Midnights Makeup Collection

The new line is tailored to Swifties.

Whether or not you’re a Swiftie, you’ve probably watched the “Bejeweled” music video at least once by now. If you haven’t yet, please get yourself to YouTube and drink in its iconic cameos, including one from Mother Pat McGrath herself. The makeup artist created the video’s shimmering, *bejeweled* beauty looks and, on Tuesday, Nov. 1, released a new ‘Taylor-Made’ line of makeup so you can replicate Swift’s exact music video glam at home. If you’re living out your very best Red era and want to amp things up with a Swift-approved crimson lip or are simply looking to channel your moonstone aura with some iridescent eyeshadow, there’s something in Pat McGrath Labs’ ‘Taylor-Made’ Midnights collection for you.

Like most of Mother’s stunning collections, each kit in the ‘Taylor-Made’ line comes with a luxury price tag. There are six individual sets available in the ‘Taylor-Made’ collection featuring some of the exact products in the specific shades that McGrath used to create Swift’s looks in the glossy and meme-worthy “Bejeweled” music video.

If you like to lead your glam with your lips, you’ve got two ‘Taylor-Made’ kits to choose from. The 'Taylor-Made' Lip Kit costs $52, includes a liquid lipstick and liner, and delivers the classic red lip worn by Swift during the Midnights singer’s burlesque-inspired champagne glass moment. Next up, the ‘Taylor-Made’ Lip Duos Kit, priced at $136, includes a gloss, two lipsticks, and two lip pencils inspired by Swift.

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The 'Taylor-Made’ Eye Kit includes the exact mascara and liner that Swift wore in the “Bejeweled” music video and costs $58, while the ‘Taylor-Made’ Face Kit, $102, is designed “for all your Midnights-inspired mischief,” and includes a blush, highlighter, and gloss. According to McGrath, Swift wore a blend of this kit’s shade of blush in the “Bejeweled” video along with the highlighter in a slightly lighter shade than the “Bronze” included in the Face Kit.

Last, but certainly not least, are the two big sets: The 'Taylor-Made' Kit, $220, and the ‘Taylor-Made’ Kit II, which costs $190. The former is described as Taylor Swift’s on-set essentials and includes an eyeshadow palette, liquid eyeliner, as well as the products from the 'Taylor-Made' Lip Kit. Kit No. 2 includes an additional eyeshadow palette and the blush used in the “Bejeweled” video, along with a Taylor-approved lipstick, gloss, and lip pencil.

While these price points are definitely a beauty investment, if you’ve given into Midnights mania along with the rest of the world, you’re going to want to grab the ‘Taylor-Made’ kit of your choice before T. Swift’s popularity makes it go extinct.