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Lizzo shows off pink monochromatic moment ahead of her pink hair transformation

Lizzo’s Monochromatic Fashion And Beauty Moment Is Pure Goals

She brought out the fabulous.

Anna Webber/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lizzo must have decided it was “About Damn Time” to switch up her look. On Wednesday, June 15, the pop star revealed a dramatic hair transformation on Instagram. After almost exclusively sporting long, dark hair, the Cuz I Love You singer went fully technicolor and the results are an ultra-vibrant shade blooming somewhere between hot pink and fuchsia. I, for one, cannot stop staring. While the performer has never shied away from major colorful moments in the past, she usually opts for injecting bright color into her looks using fashion and next-level accessories. Dear Lizzo, please continue to serve us glam moments like this one forever and always.

Because Lizzo is Lizzo, she didn’t just embrace this bright pop of pink on her hair. She brought the subtle ombre of hot to dark pink to her glam and her retro airbrushed tee as well. We all know Lizzo can pull off a whole lot of look — remember her super structured finger waves and brushed-out curls at the Met Gala? — but the hair, lip, and ‘fit all being in sync is a truly next-level moment. The songstress herself is clearly a big fan of her monochromatic moment because she’s shared not one, but two Instagram posts with her bright, bouncy locks as well as a tweet featuring the new ‘do.

As a beauty editor, I know that color-matching is an art in and of itself, but you don’t need to know how to overdraw a cupid’s bow in order to appreciate the way Lizzo’s playing with lipstick color here. Her mouth is lined in the deep shade of pink seen on the ends of her hair, while the soft matte at the center of her lips is the exact rosy hue seen at the top of her head. Her casual white tee shows that same gorgeous color gradation in its airbrushed heart design, plus some pops of purple. It’s a style that Lizzo’s been rocking a lot lately, at least on the ‘gram, and it’s the throwback vibe we need and deserve this summer.

If you’re feeling especially nostalgic, or suddenly feel the urge to embrace the phrase “pretty in pink,” you can pre-order a similarly retro tee on Lizzo’s website as part of a pre-order CD box set for her new album, Special. I’m personally counting down the days until its July 15 release date and hoping we get more monochromatic moments from Lizzo in the weeks leading up to its official launch. Perhaps a whole look featuring shades of lilac and purple?