Ariana Madix swears by beauty products from Bobbi Brown, Farmacy, and BIC

Ariana Madix Uses This Cult-Fave Primer To Keep Her Stage Makeup Fresh

The Broadway actor and Dancing With the Stars finalist has perfected her glam technique.

One Nightstand
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Ariana Madix has her beauty routine down to a science. After spending the last two and a half months starring as Roxie Hart in the Broadway run of Chicago, the 38-year-old has gotten used to getting ready (and unready) on the go. “I’m packing on stage makeup every night,” she tells Elite Daily. When she gets home, moisturizing is the name of the game.

During winter through early spring in New York, the cold air is no joke — add in all that heavy makeup day after day, and it’s a recipe for dry skin if you’re not careful. Thankfully, the Vanderpump Rules star has figured out the products that work for her, and she’s pulled off a striking onstage look while keeping her skin dewy in the process.

Step 1 in her evening routine is a super-hot shower. “I take the hottest shower known to man,” Madix says. “I turn it up really high and get it steamy, and then I turn it back down to a temperature that’s not going to burn my skin off.”

She reserves her longer “everything showers” for once a week, and that’s when she’ll do a full exfoliating, shaving, and hair care regimen. “Everything gets the most intense scrubdown,” she says, to prep for the next packed week of shows, media appearances, and exciting announcements (like her brand-new hosting gig for Love Island USA, which she confirmed on March 29).

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As part of her partnership with Bic EasyRinse, Madix is sharing the products she swears by to keep her fresh-faced during long days under stage lighting, whether she’s on Broadway, on Dancing With the Stars, or filming the much-anticipated VPR Season 11 reunion.

The Primer That Keeps Her Makeup On All Night

Madix was doing eight shows a week until her Broadway run ended on April 7, which forced her to perfect the art of long-lasting makeup application. That starts with her favorite primer: the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base.

“My amazing makeup artist Cam used it on me, and I was like, ‘What is this?’” she recalls of her first time trying it. “It comes in a pot, and I’ve been using that before I put makeup on, and I feel like it’s been staying.” (The TikTok girls also love this product, so it’s clear she’s onto something.)

The Face Wash That Double Cleanses It All Off

Once she’s hopped in the shower, Madix gets to work removing all that product — and she uses the Farmacy Green Clean cleansing balm to get the job done.

“I do a double cleanse with the Farmacy cleansing balm because it feels less drying than a different type of face wash,” she says. (Especially helpful if you’re a fellow lover of a super-hot shower.)

The Razors That Make Shaving A Breeze

Next, Madix does a full-body scrub with the Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Body Scrub (which she loves because it “smells like a vacation”) and then shaves everything with Bic EasyRise. “I feel like a dolphin exiting the shower,” she says.

Honorable Mentions

Her final touches before hopping into bed are the Zo Skin Health complexion renewal pads, the Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum, and the COSRX snail mucin all-in-one cream — “that’s my boyfriend’s, but I really like it, so I steal it,” Madix says of personal trainer and fitness coach Daniel Wai’s moisturizer.

With that, she’s off to rest up and (most likely) do it all again the next morning.