Here Are All The Details Behind Zendaya's Incredible Grammys Mullet

In case you've been living under a log, the Grammys (music's self-proclaimed biggest night) took place last night. The outfits might've been boring, but let's talk about the beauty. After all, that's where the real drama's at.

Between Taylor's mom-esque bob and Lady Gaga's full-on tribute to Bowie, the red carpet didn't have much going on. Until Zendaya, that is.

Now, my girl Zendaya is no stranger to making a hair statement on the red carpet. At last year's Oscars, she schooled Giuliana Rancic on what it means to understand different hairstyles. The young star single-handedly turned Fashion Police into a sinking ship.

This year, she wore a mullet. That's right, the same hairstyle Billy Ray Cyrus wore during the '90s. Except, it was anything but dated.

1. Zendaya's mullet was inspired by David Bowie.

In fact, her entire look was an ode to the pop star. From the double-breasted Dsquared2 suit to the blonde, “business in the front, party in the back” mullet, it was all an ode to Bowie's "Labyrinth"-era platinum blonde.

Lady Gaga may have gone full-on "Ziggy Stardust," but Zendaya opted for something a little more subtle.

2. The only tool stylists used was a blowdryer.

Zendaya's look, created by CHI, was achieved only using a Chi Touch 2 Touch Screen Hair Dryer. No curling wands or straighteners were harmed in the making of the mullet.

If you want to recreate the look at home, first apply a touch of hair oil to strengthen your strands. Then, finger-comb styling cream through the hair to prep it for blow-drying. Section off both the nape and the crown (the "party in the front" and the "business in the back").

Use a paddle brush and begin blow-drying, starting at the nape. When you move to the crown area, use a round brush. Finally, add a bit of texturizing spray for definition.

3. By the way, she did her own makeup, too.

The brown smokey eye, glossy caramel lip and heavy contour were all done by Zendaya, which goes to show she is a woman of many skills, indeed.