Not Just Zendaya: Why It's Time To Pull 'Fashion Police' From TV

by Nicola Mar

I have been in the fashion industry for years, and I absolutely love it.

My favorite part of awards season is watching the red carpet to see what styles the stars chose to wear and what the designers created.

Fashion is creative and unique; it is not right or wrong.

The most beautiful thing about what you wear is that it is your personal choice. People use the moment in the spotlight to showcase what fashion trends they think are beautiful.

If someone wears something he or she loves, who are others to say it does not look good, is not “right” or “pretty?"

Just because you might have a different opinion doesn’t mean you can bully someone else by saying his or her choices are wrong.

This is where I have a real problem with the show, "Fashion Police." This show was created to criticize and judge others; it essentially promotes bullying.

Remember Lady Gaga’s open letter to Kelly Osbourne in 2013?

Well, I couldn’t agree more. In light of the recent controversy over Zendaya’s choice of hairstyle, I want to take the time to remind the public who these “critics” are on "Fashion Police."

Kelly Osbourne had been ridiculed for years about her fashion choices and her weight. She has said publicly how much this criticism hurt her and affected her and continues to hurt and affect her.

So why, Kelly, would you go on a show to criticize and laugh at others? Some would say — and plenty have — that you have made some of the worst fashion choices of all.

But, who cares? If you felt good about what you were wearing, or dressed to make some kind of statement, it is none of our business to judge you.

Giuliana Rancic has been criticized for years about her weight, but, as I know personally, some people are naturally thin. We don’t know her body, so we cannot say what her ideal body weight should be.

But, Giuliana, has used her platform to say repeatedly how some dresses are not flattering on someone’s body type and can make a person look bad.

Okay, she’s entitled to her opinion, but why do we need these shows shoved in our faces? Does she understand what kind of behavior she is promoting — especially to the young, impressionable kids who are watching?

Kathy Griffin was just added to the show to replace Joan Rivers. She, like Joan Rivers, is a comedienne, and many think it is okay for these people to laugh at the expense of others.

I agree to that to a certain extent.

There are offensive jokes and then, there are funny jokes. Joan Rivers often made fun of herself as well as the targets at the end of her jokes. This is what was so brilliant about her.

She could diffuse a potentially upsetting joke perfectly and many understood her. Kathy Griffin, however, does not come off as subtle.

Brad Goreski is a fashion stylist who has dressed many A-list stars. However, as a young child, Brad confessed, “Not a day went by when someone didn't call me a name.

On the school bus, in class, in the hallways — it happened all the time. After hearing 'fag' on numerous occasions, I got up the nerve to ask my mother what it was.”

So what makes what he is doing now different than what he endured as a child? He laughs when he calls out the stars he thinks are the “worst dressed.”

The hosts of "Fashion Police" often say celebrities who were upset over their comments voiced their disapproval.

Of course, people get upset!

Why is there still a need to continue this show, aimed to bully people based on their appearances? They don’t blatantly call someone fat or ugly, but that’s exactly what message they are trying to relay.

This brings me back to this week’s controversy about Zendaya’s hairstyle. I grew up on an island where I saw dreadlocks every day. At one point, I tried to do dreadlocks myself — that’s how much I liked and admired them.

I applaud Zendaya’s choice to rock this hairstyle at the Oscars. She, like many of us, thought it to be a sexy look. Just because the look doesn’t appeal to Giuliana, does not give Giuliana the right to stereotype.

I don’t think her comment was racist, but it was definitely ignorant. Her intent was not to hurt, but it did.

Many people may think of Bob Marley because he is a famous person who rocked the hairstyle (and he just so happened to be Rastafarian and smoke weed), but please, educate yourself before making comments regarding something about which you know little.

Giuliana did apologize on camera, but maybe she should take the time to rethink her show and how she can use it in a more positive light. We all make mistakes, but it’s our admission of said mistakes and willingness to change that counts.