48 Signs She's Not Just Your Best Friend, She's Actually Your Soulmate

The term "best friend" gets tossed around as frequently as the word "diet" — everyone says it, but seldom does anyone really mean it.

But once you find that one person -- the person you can trust with your life and all of your secrets -- that's when you truly know you have more than just a best friend; you have a soulmate.

People think a soulmate refers to the person you marry and spend your life with.

But, in reality, your soulmate is the person who is an extension of yourself, the person you could never live without.

Sure, those qualities may overlap with an intimate partner, but the bond that creates this lifelong friendship is simply unparalleled.

At times, your relationship will be tested; you may fight, and you may have falling outs, but at the end of the day, you know this person will pick up the phone regardless of what your current situation is.

This person is your ride-or-die, the one who will stand next to you at the altar and the one who has become a part of your family.

This is your person, and the bond between the two of you can never be rivaled.

So how do you know if you're fortunate enough to have one of these amazing people in your life?

Well, your relationship probably looks a little something like this:

1. She's not feeding you bullsh*t; she's feeding you the truth.

2. She's not indulging your bad behaviors; she's actually saving you from them.

3. She's not getting jealous of your success; she's celebrating your accomplishments.

4. She's not telling you that awful outfit looks good; she's telling you to size up.

5. She's not judging your poor choice in men; she's helping you see your worth.

6. She's not letting you rest on your laurels; she's encouraging you to reach your potential.

7. She's not pawning you off on the ugly guy; she's taking you home with her.

8. She's not telling you what you want to hear; she's telling you what you need to hear.

9. She's not judging your spending habits; she's just trying to make you more financially responsible.

10. She's not laughing at your jokes; she's making them with you.

11. She's not jealous of your new boyfriend; she just misses you.

12. She's not telling you to quit your job; she's trying to get you to recognize you need a better one.

13. She's not leaving you in the dark; she's making you her plus one.

14. She's not letting you off the hook; she's making you address your problems.

15. She's not stealing your contacts; she's sharing her Rolodex.

16. She's not trying to f*ck you over; she just loves f*cking with you.

17. She's not telling you to stop partying; she's just trying to preserve your brain cells (and liver).

18. She's not letting you slack off; she's pushing you forward.

19. She's not making you choose; she's helping you decide.

20. She's not forcing you to change who you are; she's helping you change the way you see yourself.

21. She's not ditching you for her boyfriend; you are her boyfriend.

22. She's not judging your lifestyle; she is your lifestyle.

23. She's not withholding from you; she just knows there are certain things you don't need to hear.

24. She's not fighting with you; she's fighting for you.

25. She's not telling you to tone it down; she's dancing on the bar with you.

26. She’s not hearing it at brunch; she was right there with you.

27. She’s not bailing you out; she’s in handcuffs right beside you.

28. She's not telling you to stop drinking; she's taking the last shot with you.

29. She's not telling you what to do; she's helping you see the light.

30. She's not talking sh*t behind your back; she's saying it straight to your face.

31. She's not asking if she can come over; she's showing up at your door.

32. She doesn’t guilt you for not going out; she’s already buying the wine in her sweats.

33. She isn't rallying against you; she's rallying with you.

34. She doesn't fight changes; she's growing with you.

35. She doesn't require an invitation; she has a spare set of keys.

36. She's not liking your pics; she's in all of your pics.

37. She’s not holding you back; she’s holding your hair back.

38. She doesn't put you in a cab; she's taking it with you.

39. She’s not texting you; she’s calling you for hours.

40. She’s not on your Snapchat story; she’s in all your stories.

41. She’s not Instagramming a picture of you; she’s giving it to you #nofilter.

42. She not just asking your opinion; she's genuinely interested in it.

43. She’s not letting you cry; she’s telling you he isn’t worth your tears.

44. She isn’t borrowing your clothes; she’s stealing them (but seriously, stop).

45. She isn’t just sharing your hangover; she’s causing it

46. She's not pushing you around; she's your main squeeze.

47. She’s not just your plus one; she’s your only one.

48. She's not trying to understand you; she just gets you.

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