What The Hell Is The Deal With Plus Size?

Elena Raouna was recently crowned Miss British Beauty Curve 2013. Her message to women around the world is that you can be “plus size” and beautiful as well. Don’t get me wrong, I think that this is an inspiring message to send to women. I commend Raouna for being confident and comfortable in her own skin. However, I think the whole “plus size” thing is bullsh*t.

Plus size separates women into two categories: you’re either skinny enough to fit society's norm, or you’re an exception to the standard (plus-size.) I think it’s sickening that these women are forced to shop in special plus size stores and enter pageants specifically for women who are too heavy to enter the “normal” pageants.

When did it become okay to separate women based on their weight? This is why there are so many issues with our body images. The message shouldn’t be that you can be plus size and still be beautiful -- a message that basically says it’s difficult to be beautiful when you’re heavy, but possible. That is degrading to women.

I don’t see any male plus size stores or male plus size pageants. Then again, male pageants don’t exist because men's worth in society isn't based on their looks. Women shouldn’t have to feel like part of a minority, or an outlier to society, if they aren’t a size 2.

Photo via SI