Women Are Supporting France By Getting #PrayForParis Manicures

Following the horrific Paris attacks, the PrayForParis hashtag represents an immense outpouring of support from within France's borders and beyond.

The entire world mourns after a great tragedy.

Brief history lesson? When the 9/11 terror attacks claimed thousands of lives in New York City, Washington DC and Pennsylvania, Paris stood by us.

In return, people are rallying around those affected by these senseless acts.

However, in addition to changing Facebook profile pics, donating money and tweeting, women are utilizing their nail polish arsenals to express sympathy.

To stand united with the City of Light, women are trading sweater weather nail art for the colors of the French flag.

The Eiffel Tower is making its way to women's weekly manicures, too.

Artist Jean Jullien's now famous "Peace For Paris" may be the most powerful artwork used to showcase solidarity.

Women aren't just sticking to France's colors. They're using other shades to dress up their politically-charged nail candy.

From teardrops to lit candles, the motifs are powerful.

Each piece of nail art not only sheds light on the lives lost, but also helps the healing process.

#PrayForParis manicures inform others you're both socially aware and sympathetic.

It's also a beautiful but silent way to voice the idea that terrorist groups will never win.

Thankfully, Paris remains unbroken.

The united stand also proves there's hope for humanity.

If you can't express your feelings about Paris with words, say it with your nails.

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