This Is Why You Can Wear Leggings As Pants


Early last month, Elle lost its high-fashion sh*t over wearing leggings as pants. Editor Ruthie Friedlander even exclaimed, “Why not go with some real pants?"

Here's why, Ruthie: because leggings are real pants.

Okay, scratch that. Some leggings are real pants.

The pair you scored for eight bucks on clearance at H&M? Probably not a real pair of pants. They’re probably ultra-thin and as a result, ultra-sheer. Ladies, if we can see your labia, they are not real pants.

However, not all leggings are created equal. They, like pants, come in many different materials: leather, cotton, spandex. They can be high-waisted or low-rise. They also come in an absurdly wide range of price points.

Need further proof? Keep reading.

It’s all about the fit.

Haters lose their pants-loving sh*t when it comes to a great pair of leggings. "You can see your ass!” “They bag out and look horrendous!”

Get educated.

The same argument can be used to apply to any pair of pants. You wouldn’t buy new jeans if they fit like sh*t, right?

As long as you go for a pair of leggings that are snug but not too snug, you’ll be fine. Go for a thicker fabric, too, so you can avoid a game of peek-a-labia.

They do wonders for your legs.

I love my skinny jeans to death, but there’s absolutely nothing sexy about peeling them off after a long day to see the seam imprinted on the side of my legs or the button basically embedded on my stomach.

Leggings hug your thighs and calves, skimming over any flaws and drawing attention to the entire shape.

Plus, leggings will still love you after you eat a pound of mac and cheese for lunch. Your jeans will never want to speak to you again.

Because they’re too fab to hide.

Leggings are versatile as f*ck. They come in endless shades, patterns and prints. Pants and jeans do, too, but good luck finding a pair resembling the one above.

Leggings don’t give a sh*t what size you are.

Fact: Jeans and “real” pants will never be as stretchy as leggings. In fact, some designer found jeans so difficult, he or she had to create jeggings, which are basically wannabe leggings.

Leggings glide over your curves. They make any girl, whether she has a body like Kendall Jenner or Tess Holliday, look like a f*cking supermodel.

You can style them the same as you would pants. Minus the whole “digging into your side” thing.

Kendall pairs her leggings with heels and blazers. Lauren Conrad and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wear theirs with boots and slouchy tops.

Again, as long as they’re opaque and fit well, what differentiates leggings from pants? Oh, right, pants were created by Satan himself to make us sad and uncomfortable.

You can go from work to the gym to running errands, without skipping a beat.

Leggings are the most utilitarian item in your closet. They go with chunky knits and scarves on days when we give zero f*cks, sports bras for when we need to get our sweat on and with a blazer, button-down and heels for work. How many other items in your wardrobe can say the same?

Just do the legwork (no pun intended) and look for a style that won’t flash your ass in direct sunlight. As a quick trick, look for leggings that don’t mysteriously appear shiny every time the sun hits. Matte pairs are more likely to remain opaque.

Let's face it, they're way comfier.

I love skinny jeans and culottes and leather pants. They are, however, the last thing I want to wear on Thanksgiving when I know I'll be eating my own body weight in food.

Leggings are comfy as f*ck and will always be my go-to. Sorry not sorry, pants. Give me a call when you ditch zippers.