Watch What Happens When A Girl Asks 100 Guys To Have Sex As A 'Social Experiment' (Video)


This woman asked 100 guys to have sex with her as a social experiment…and surprisingly, they didn’t all say yes!

Among some of the best reactions were “honey, are you okay?” “are you drunk?” and “I will have to respectfully decline.” It’s funny that a woman seems insane if she initiates sex.

Then again, I’m sure that was the first and last time a stranger that is both attractive and sober will approach these men in broad daylight and propose to do the hibbity dibbity. The people she asked all gave her a look that said, "is that a trick question? What’s the catch?"

One of them even asked her if she wanted to hang out first. I swear, a girl can’t win. Guys complain about having to pretend to be interested in women in order to have sex with them, and the one time a girl makes it easy, this dude gets offended that she doesn’t want to “get to know him” first. Make up your minds!

Woman Asks 100 Men For Sex:

Watch what happens when a man asks 100 women to have sex with him. As predicted, the women were either offended or uncomfortable. One chick splashed her drink in his face. I want to meet that girl.

Man Asks 100 Women For Sex: