14 Valentine's Day Gifts Every Single Girl Should Really Buy Herself

I might have a full-blown b*tch fit if someone else asks me what my plans are for Valentine's Day. What's with all the pressure to spend this Hallmark-ruled holiday shelling out money?

Don't get me wrong, I dig romance. But V-Day lands on a Sunday this year and, I'll be honest, I want nothing more than to spend some quality time with myself.

Quite honestly, staying in or venturing out solo doesn't have to be boring. Spending time with yourself is necessary for your sanity, even if it's on a day people expect you to be coupled up.

Don't they know you're your own life partner? Blow money on your favorite person because, well, you deserve the best.

1. A special cork for your personal champagne bottles.

Keep your glass filled without having to sip warm bubbly.

2. A candy g-string.

When you run out of Skinny Pop, pizza, Ferrero Rocher and strawberries, munch on something sexier.

3. A sexy satin teddy.


Dressing to impress yourself is key to confidence, single or not.

Sweats are comfy, but you can be snug and sexy in a lightweight number that'll make you do a double take in the mirror. Damn, girl.

4. A comfy lounge chair.

Don't hide in bed because you haven't planned an adventurous day.

Instead, camp out in a corner of your living quarters and snuggle up for some quality time with your Netflix account.

5. An underwater disco lightshow, perfect for a party of one.

Who says a bubble bath needs to be romantic? Get lit by throwing these lights in your tub and turning the music up.

6. A foot spa.

Don't blow your budget by penciling in a personal spa day. Instead, bring the spa home.

7. A pair of heated yeti slippers to keep your feet warm.


Don't get cold feet about your decision to coast through V-Day solo.

Slip on this heated footwear to match your hairy, "I'm single so I never shave" legs.

8. A ticket to a Rihanna concert.

You might be overwhelmed by all the lovers' PDA, but singing aloud to this bad gal without shame will be worth it.

9. A weekend in Mexico with your girl squad.

You and your girls will have something to look forward to after your survive Valentine's Day alone. 

10. A mini bluetooth speaker.

Play "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" loudly. It works every time.

11. A scrapbook kit for Polaroids.

You need some down time to arrange your NSFW #squad pics, anyway.

12. A pillow to cozy up with on the couch.

In the moment where you second guess your choice to chill out alone, don't hit the panic button.

Simply turn to this pillow, which will remind you that it's OK to be solo on V-Day. NBD.

13. A pair of 420-friendly socks.

Pigging out on your favorite eats is mandatory on a day when your heart's desires matter most.

It doesn't hurt that you've smoked a few blunts before your binge.

14. An I F*cking Love You mug to remind you you're never alone.

The most important person to love is yourself. Self-love and self-care should always be pinned to the top of your to-do list, no matter if you're single or not.

A healthy reminder etched on your coffee mug never hurts, either. And if you say it to yourself out loud, that's OK too.