This Is Art? Woman Squeezes Paint-Filled Eggs Out Of Her Vagina Onto Canvas In Public (NSFW)

by Katie Gonzalez

Call it one of the crazy things women can do with their vaginas, or a very personal commentary on how females are expected to reproduce and perform certain duties according to society's interpretation.

Despite your personal thoughts on that matter, we can all probably agree — this art is weird.

In one performance art installation, female artist Milo Moiré stands naked in front of a crowd, crouching high above a white campus. With skills clearly only possessed by this second sex, Moiré proceeds to squeeze paint-filled eggs out of her vagina.

They explode onto the canvas below, and violà — it's art. And it's called "PlopEgg."

Watch the NSFW video of Moiré at work. But be warned: getting the eggs from Point A to Point B looks like a long and painful process.

H/T: Huffington Post