Check Out This Epic Breakup Letter With A Grocery List Full Of Reasons For The Break Up

It’s always the little things that manage to turn us off completely. I remember a guy I used to hook up with who I thought I was so into. But one day I saw him in a zip up sweatshirt lined with fur and literally ran in the other direction. I never looked back.

Don’t get me wrong: He was a great guy…but who the f*ck wears a zip up lined with fur?

The chick that wrote this letter knows what I’m talking about. In a bulleted list to her boyfriend, she enumerated all of the reasons she’s breaking up with him.

It isn’t because he cheated on her… it’s because he thinks Jay Leno is funny and has a tattoo of Taz, among other things. This dude seems like all my pet peeves wrapped up in one.

Via Cup Of Zup/ Photo via The Break Up