The 8 Types Of Guys Who Will Always Break Your Heart No Matter What

by Elite Daily Staff

When it comes to matters of the heart, sometimes we just have no control over whom we are attracted to. Despite fully knowing that this guy you are seeing is totally terrible for you, your better judgment can get clouded after multiple nights of steady sex and pillow-talk.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all fallen madly in love with someone who is particularly unavailable or elusive or shady. We love these qualities because we think it adds to their “mystery.” And once you’ve tasted something you like, it’s very hard to go back.

For those of us on the other side: We’re proud of you. Way to not be a masochist in a miserable relationship. For those of us who have admittedly fallen in love with the worst guy ever: Here’s a little tough love.

Here are the 8 worst guys to fall in love with.

1. The one who texts you something awesome just as you are about to be over him

You and I both know this guy isn’t going to materialize into anything significant, especially if he hasn’t asked you out on a real date yet (read: one that doesn’t include meeting you out at a club on Saturday night).

This guy is the ultimate chase, pulling you in as soon as he senses you’re over him, only to act super distant next time you initiate plans. It’s like he has radar for when you’re feeling most vulnerable and is able to manipulate you into prolonged infatuation.

It ends here, girl. You’re better off finding someone who consistently wants to be with you than someone who consistently only wants to be in you.

2. The one who is still talking to his ex-girlfriend

And by “talking,” he means “totally still seeing and occasionally having sex with.” This guy is clearly already in a committed relationship with his ex. And guess what? Old habits die hard.

Seriously though, the reason he’s still speaking to his ex is that he’s not finding that fulfillment from you. Stop trying to change him or make him choose you over her. You shouldn’t have to fight to get a man’s full attention.

3. The one who previously dated your friend

Yeah, falling in love with this guy is definitely not ideal. So, um, just don’t. Remember that terrible film (that somehow HBO, the cable provider with the worst taste in movies, agreed to feature on repeat) “Something Borrowed”? Ginnifer Goodwin’s character marries Kate Hudson’s ex-fiancé, and guess what happened? They didn’t remain friends.

Do you really want your girlfriend’s leftovers, especially after your entire group post-breakup discussed all his shortcomings? Not only do you already know his strengths and weaknesses as a boyfriend, you know what your friends really think of him. And they’ll think even less of both of you when you go after your best friend’s ex. Girl code, ladies.

4. The one with commitment issues

This guy will tell you he can’t be in a relationship right now and then show up with his new girlfriend to your pregame next week. It’s not that he can’t be in a relationship, it’s that he can’t see himself in one with you, specifically.

If he can’t commit now because of work, lifestyle choices or whatever other BS excuse he gives you, chances are he won’t be able to settle down, ever. He’s the guy who will string you along, only to cut ties for good later.

5. The one who treats you differently in front of his friends

This guy is like the John Tucker of the real-life dating world. One minute, he’s professing his love over late-night pillow-talk and the next he’s calling you “easy tail” to his male friends. Huh? Who is this duplicitous bastard? Once he starts referring to your lady parts in a derogatory sense, you won’t need an Elite Daily post to tell you to stop liking him.

6. The one who lacks ambition

This is the dude who is perfectly content still living in his room since middle school and who has absolutely no intentions of ever moving out. He likes having his mom make his bed in the morning and not having to work hard to earn a decent salary.

The only support he’ll give you is a place on his parents' plastic-covered couch. You can’t change this man. You can’t inspire him to want to be something when he grows up. He clearly has not matured and doesn’t plan on doing so in the near future.

7. The one who your friends don’t like

We know you don’t want to hear this, but sometimes your friends really do know you better and know what’s best for you, especially when you might not be able to see it for yourself.

While you’re blindsided by your head-over-heels love, your friends are able to see this guy clearly. They witness sides of him that he might otherwise keep hidden from you. If you do choose to stick with this man, just know that there won’t be any joint-parties in the future.

8. The one who is bad for you

This is the guy who doesn’t make you better, he makes you worse by his smooth power of manipulation. His bad habits rub off on you, his crappy attitude brings you down and his lack of self-awareness means you have to take care of him all the time.

In short, this guy needs a lifestyle overhaul and you shouldn’t be the one to have to do it.

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