Texas Senate Passed A Bill That Allows Doctors To Lie To Female Patients


Texas has been passing out abortion laws like parking tickets. SMH.

In December 2016, the Texas Senate approved a law requiring aborted fetuses to be buried or cremated. Now, two more abortion bills have passed through the Texas Senate.

Senate Bill 25 allows doctors to lie by omission.

The law – also called the "wrongful birth bill" – prevents new parents from suing doctors if their child is born with disabilities.

Doctors who were aware of the disability during prenatal care, but withheld the information from the expecting mother, are also safe from lawsuits, reports The Huffington Post.


Basically, physicians who might have pro-life beliefs can keep health information about a pregnancy from a mother who might otherwise consider abortion.

The abortion law protects doctors... but blindsides parents.

The bill is supposed to prevent doctors from getting hit with unnecessary lawsuits. But it does not protect parents from being blindsided during the birth of their child.

It's so much bigger than abortion.

Mothers deserve information that lets them properly prep for the birth of their child.

So no, this isn't ableist talk here. (Ableism is defined as "discrimination or prejudice against individuals with disabilities" by Webster.)

Mothers deserve information that lets them properly prep for the birth of their child.

The truth is, raising a disabled child is not easy.

Most mothers go through a nesting process before their child is born. Expecting a baby born with a disability means nesting may come with a few extra steps.

There are programs a mother could apply for to assist with her new journey. There are support groups she could join, as well as other additional steps for mental and physical preparation.

These proactive measures may get missed if a doctor withholds information, thus making the transition into motherhood a much more difficult process than it can already be.

And the abortion unrest doesn't stop there.

There's also Senate Bill 415, called the "dismemberment abortion ban." It prevents a safe, common procedure that is normally performed during the second trimester.

So the Texas Senate has not made abortion illegal... exactly. Instead, they've taken a major step out of what makes safe abortions, you know, safe.

But not all senators voted for the bill.

Senator Jose Rodriguez has been vocal about his pro-choice beliefs, and shared why he voted against Senate Bill 25 via his Twitter account.

Activists also protested the new abortion bills while wearing handmaids' robes.

They showed up in costume to channel women from "The Handmaid's Tale" – the Margaret Atwood novel and new Hulu series – who are forced to birth children.

Despite the opposition, however, the bill passed, and reproductive rights remain under attack.

Damn, Texas.