#TBT: The Most Traumatic Moments of Our Girlhood


How many times have you heard your parents say, “You kids have it so easy. When I was a young boy/gal [insert story we don’t give a sh*t about here.]”? So maybe we were a little more spoiled than our parents were -- okay, way more spoiled -- but they act like girlhood was all rainbows and butterflies.

Growing up as a girl in Gen-Y wasn’t always easy. Sure, we got to play with Bratz dolls, which were way hotter versions of the classic Barbie, and we weren’t forced to listen to stupid hippie music because the Spice Girls saved the millenials and taught girls that if he wants to be your lover, he's gotta get with your friends (hos over bros, duh).

However, there were some moments in our girlhood that we could’ve used a therapist to help us cope. Like when a boy asked you if you were a virgin at 5-years-old and you said no because you thought it was a bad thing (or was that just me?). Plenty of sh*t happened in our girlhood that we never want to relive. So before you decide which baby pic and filter will get you the most likes for #TBT, let's take a moment to remember some of the most traumatic moments in our girlhood, and be grateful that they’re over.

When we found out Lance Bass was gay

When we found out Lindsay Lohan was not a twin

 When our parents didn’t let us stay up late enough to watch Amanda Bynes

When 'S Club 7' was cancelled

 When we tried to reenact ‘Hillbilly Moment’ with our friends and they actually hurt us

When we got a boy sticker at the doctor

 When our parents told us they were never getting us Barbie's Dream Car

When we first used eye-liner and looked like a drugged out raccoon

When our boyfriend broke up with us via AOL Instant Message

When our parents told us we couldn’t get the Easy-Bake Oven

When we realized our Coach bag was fake

When rhinestone BEBE shirts went out of style

When your crush asked another girl to the dance

 When Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake broke up

When Left-Eye from TLC died

When we realized our Barbie’s hair wouldn’t grow back after we cut it off

When our crush checked the “no” box

When you found out where babies really come from

 When we didn’t make it into our friend’s top 8 on Myspace

When we found out the Spice Girls were breaking up

Photo Credit: WENN/ Tumblr/ Facebook