#TBT: Ten Ways You Knew You Were A SoLow Pants Girl Growing Up


SoLows. We all secretly miss them and probably still own a pair. SoLows were our shady excuse to be slutty and comfortable at the same time. We loved how they made our asses look and how they tucked perfectly into our Uggs. The SoLow stage was also a girl’s excuse to get her first thong because you obviously couldn’t wear granny panties; otherwise you’d be walking around with a sick undie line (party foul).

The only undies that were acceptable to be showing were the Undie Bands we wore on our heads. So maybe you weren’t a SoLow girl. Maybe you preferred Hard Tail, or maybe your mom just wouldn’t buy you a pair because they were like 70 dollars, and she didn’t want you wearing a thong at age nine (which at the time seemed absurd, but now makes perfect sense).

If you were a SoLow girl, however, you knew it right when you read the title of this article, and you couldn’t wait to click and re-live those days. In honor of our favorite day of the week, #TBT, here are the ten ways you knew you were a SoLow pants girl growing up:

You mastered the art of tucking them into your Chestnut Uggs.

You either went to camp, or are from the tri-state area.

You also owned ten Sugar Lips tanks and shadily still wear them.

You also still wear your Juicy sweatpants.

You feel like a traitor buying LuLuLemons instead of SoLows.

You’re Jewish, or at least Jew…ish.

...and you play Jewish geography almost as well as you play tennis.

You wish stretchy Nylon chokers were still cool.

You still wear your SoLows, and you’re proud of it.

Your SoLows are now two sizes too big from stretching them out over the past ten years.