Women's Swimsuits Over 100 Years, Shown Using Body Paint

Could you imagine if your only option for the beach was a swimsuit that fully covered your arms and legs?

Apparently, that's what ladies were rocking circa 1916.

This awesome video shows the evolution of the women's bathing suit as we know it using body paint. This model got 10 different swimsuit styles painted on her to represent the last 10 decades, and the results are pretty sweet. She rocked each one.

Even though the model only wore one style at a time, you can totally tell how today's beach looks are influenced by swimsuits that were worn years ago. Where do you think we got high-waisted bikinis from? Honestly, I think most of these bathing suits would still be in style today, but at least now we have a lot more options.

I would totally rock a '90s "Baywatch" red one piece today, or maybe even a little yellow polka dot bikini from the '60s.

Warning: After watching this video, you will feel strong urges to go bikini shopping immediately. So put your credit cards away before checking it out!