Here's The Insane Diet Zac Efron Followed To Get Ripped For 'Baywatch'

We knew Zac Efron was going hard to train for his role in the new "Baywatch" movie.

We knew there was a big difference between how he looked a couple months ago and how he looks now.


We also knew The Rock helped him make that difference.

But, we didn't know all this. And by "all this," I mean the ridiculous and absolutely torturous diet he had to go through to complement his workouts.

Zac let us in on the secret early this morning.

9 days of absolutely zero carbs & sugar. Only organic grass fed/free range protein and organic leafy greens. This lead to... — Zac Efron (@ZacEfron) March 9, 2016

Sounds truly horrible, meaning it's only right he have a serious cheat day -- and I mean really serious.

#Cheatday ! Devoured a steak, 4 side potatoes/veggies, macncheese, 3 desserts, bread/butter, brick o cheese & caviar — Zac Efron (@ZacEfron) March 9, 2016

Crazy. No wonder he's out here challenging The Rock to ninja warrior courses.

If anything, though, this reaffirms what we already knew: If you train with The Rock, you change your life.

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