Give Up: 22 Reasons The Summer Is The Ideal Time To Embrace Your Fro

by Ashley Fern

Being a female with a fro is something many women have had to deal with in their lives.

It has been a constant battle between you, your hair and the weather -- day in and day out -- for as long as you can remember.

You've heard time and time again you should just embrace what you were born with, but let's be real -- who's ever satisfied with what she's got?

So we spend a fortune on products that promise to tame our locks and invest in weird, overpriced appliances that de-kink our hair.

We have been doing this for years, but eventually, a time comes when we're finally hit with that much-needed epiphany: We need to stop.

At this age, the battle is just not worth it anymore.

We should've listened to our hairdressers back in high school when they told us to stop damaging our hair with straighteners and blow dryers.

But with any great revelation, you know it means the most when it comes from within.

So why is now the perfect time to toss away those straighteners?

1. It's a battle you're never going to win anyway.

No matter what you do to your hair, when you try and deviate from your natural waves, you're losing.

You are either frying your hair or trying to protect it from nature's humidity -- either way, you're wasting your own time.

2. It separates you from the rest of the pack.

Anyone can achieve straight and sleek locks -- that's why hair straighteners are such a flourishing business.

But you can't buy natural curls, regardless of how hard you try and how much money you spend.

3. An afro is super chic.

Whoever said an afro is something to be ashamed of was probably jealous and had straight hair.

4. It's healing time.

It's time to stop damaging those ends and put the health back into our hair.

The most efficient way to fix your hair is to completely and utterly eliminate unnecessary heat -- yes, turning your straighteners up over 350 degrees is unnecessary heat.

5. It brings you back in touch with your roots.

Embrace and be proud of where you came from! People would kill to have your hair, so it's time to start appreciating what you've got.

6. It's already broken, so give it a break.

Stop breaking your hair even more! The summer is infinitely hotter and more humid than any other time of the year, so what do we to combat this?

We over-straighten our hair falsely thinking this will remove the frizz. But in reality, the reason your hair is frizzy is because it's damaged!

7. It takes a really confident woman to rock her natural hair.

There's a reason hair flipping has become such an iconic maneuver.

8. Nobody likes a thin ponytail.

Why would you prefer to have a flaccid ponytail? It's cool -- no need to answer that; I already know the answer.

9. It's the first step to total body acceptance.

Once you accept your hair, the thing everyone sees first when approaching you, there is virtually nothing to be self-conscious about.

Your hair is what frames your face, so it's no wonder that's exactly where people direct their attention toward when talking to you.

10. The humidity shows your humanity.

Your true colors are revealed once you're hit with a wave of humidity.

There is nothing more stressful than trying to maintain your locks with sweat dripping out of every pore.

11. You won't let your hair rain on your parade.

If you straighten your hair and embark on a rainy journey, you are only concerned with protecting your perfect, straight head of hair.

How much time have you wasted doing this? How many events have you skipped out on because of your hair? It's time to embrace the curls for what they are and live your life.

12. If you're going to rock it, you better rock it to the fullest.

During what other season will your hair be as lively? The summer is when the humidity is the highest, and same goes for your hair.

13. You have so much more sh*t to think about.

Do you know how many hours of your life you spend straightening your hair? Do you even want to know?

Do you know how much cooler sh*t you could be spending your time doing?

14. The only thing on your head you're concerned about are your headphones.

When it's summer, you can't help but have a little extra pep in your step...

15. You get to spend less time on your mane and more time with your main bitch.

There is so much more time for activities!

16. You get to actually enjoy the beach.

No more avoiding the ocean at all costs; it's time to dive right in. C'mon, you know you've been avoiding this since your early teenage years.

17. Girls with big hair can f*ck you up big time.

The crazier the hair, the crazier the girl, and you know we're only talking crazy in the good sense.

18. Bigger is always better.

Big hair, big mouths, big opinions and a big voice -- these are things we could all benefit from.

19. Because only basic bitches have flat hair.

And who wants to be basic? Absolutely no one.

20. You're made to be noticed.

Why blend in when you were born to stand out? Yes I just quoted "What A Girl Wants." I also regularly listen to the soundtrack.

21. Everything about you is larger than life.

So why shouldn't your hair match it?

22. The dirtier it is, the better it looks.

We all know how much women hate showering, so this basically gives you an excuse to never wash your hair. Honestly, that's enough reason to rock the fro if you ask me.

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